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USAFI Market

The Embattled USAFI Kampala Market

In 2011, the Usafi market was established, but by 2015, the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) had acquired ownership of the market from Umaru...

Our Uganda

Soroti, the Vintage Town in Eastern Uganda

Eastern Uganda is filled with so many amazing and hidden treasures that very few people know about. One of these that should definitely be...

Life in Uganda: What We Love – and Hate

Life in Uganda can be joyful and annoying in equal measure. But, at least, it’s never boring. Perhaps this explains why, with more than one...

Slave Trade in Uganda

Even if slavery was being practiced in Africa among Africans even before the arrival of outsiders, it was never a trade. Many tribes or...

When Amin Tried to Annex a Half of Kenya

Was Uganda given a raw deal on territorial rights during colonization? If yes, should Uganda fight to correct such historical injustices? Well, those probably...


Cheap But Great Wines To Try Out this Year

There is no better way to start the New Year than with family, friends and great wine all in one place. But buying wine...

The Sound Cup Rolex

A few years ago, most of you wouldn’t have thought twice about getting off a taxi in Wandegeya to queue up for a Rolex...


5 Tips for Success as a Business Woman

Business Woman Tips
Some characteristics of successful women in business are natural, but some require hard work and dedication in order to learn fully. In order to...

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Professional Weather Tracking

From affecting mood, to causing potentially hazardous road condition, the weather still plays a major part in daily life. If you run a business,...

Here are the Seven Career killers

Career Killers
What were your New Year's resolution? Were they; to lose weight, build a house or venture out with something new? It is important to...

Piggery Farming in Uganda Boosts Household Income

Piggery Farming in Uganda
Over the past three decades pig production has become an increasingly important activity in Uganda, as indicated by the change in pig population from...


Exploring Uganda

Informative Tips for Uganda Travelers

It is best to give yourself time to design and plan thoroughly when you are making Uganda tour plans, whether you are a first-time...
Lake Bunyonyi

Explore Lake Bunyonyi Uganda’s Deepest Lake

A stunning and beautiful lake also known as the place for little birds is Uganda’s deepest lake and second in east Africa. Lake Bunyonyi...
4x4 Car Rental

Tips on How to Book a Car in Uganda

With Cheap Uganda Self-drive, one of the best car rental tips on how to book a car in Uganda is shop around before you...
Honeymoon Holiday in Uganda

How to Plan a Honeymoon Safari in Uganda

According to travel experts, Uganda is one of 2024's hottest travel destinations, and it's easy to see why. It's replete with culture, untamed wilderness...
Visit Dubai

10 Exotic Holiday Destinations to Visit this Christmas

There was a time when going on holiday at Christmas was a privilege for the rich and famous. However, with package holidays and low-cost...

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