Popular Ugandan Artists With Famous Parents

Maggie and Navio Kigozi

Mention Lupita Nyong’o, and everyone is familiar with the name thanks to her recent triumph at the Academy Awards. However, Lupita is no ordinary Kenyan child like some may think!

She is born to a famous Kenyan politician, Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o the Secretary Genaral of Orange Democratic Party, Kenya’s biggest opposition party.She also holds dual citizenship; Kenya and Mexico, her place of birth.

But Lupita isn’t the only successful child born to famous parents. Red Pepper Digest takes a look at some of the successful Ugandan Artists born to famous parents.

Navio and Maggie Kigozi

Klear Kut’s Daniel Kigozi popularly known as Navio is one of the most successful Hip Hop musician from Uganda. He has several awards to his name and has music collaborations with both local and international musicians.

He has also shared a stage with global stars like Shaggy, P-Squared, Sean Paul, Tevin Campbell, KCi & Jojo, Montell Jordan, R-Kelly and Beenie Man.

Navio is son to Dr. Maggie Kigozi, the former Executive Director of Uganda Investment Authority. She served in the position from 1999 until 2011. Dr. Maggie currently works as a consultant at United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO).

Bebe Cool and Jaberi Bidandi Ssali

Bidandi Ssali and Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool aka Moses Sali, is one of the   country’s biggest musicians. He has several hits, albums and awards to his name; making him adored by many of his fans. But Bebe Cool just like Lupita, is born to Jaberi Bidandi Sali, a popular politician in Uganda.

Bidandi is a former long serving minister of Local Government (14 years).  In 2011, he stood for presidency as the People’s Progressive Party flag bearer and Chairman.

TShaka and Joash Mayanja Nkangi
TShaka Mayanja is a successful Ugandan Jazz musician. His also the Founder of The Jazz & Soul Safari (East Africa).

He is son to the late Mayanja Nkangi who was one of the country’s longest serving politicians, former Buganda Prime Minister chairman of the Uganda Land Commission .

In his over 40 years service in government, he served as Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, and Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

Angela and Bonney Katatumba

Angela Katatumba is a popular female singer in the country. She is also known for her big heart for charity as well. She is a daughter of the late Bonney Katatumba who was an entrepreneur and Honorary Consul of Pakistan to Uganda.

Mathew and Frank Nabwiso

One the name Mathew Nabwiso is mentioned, the first thing that strikes into one’s mind is the The Hostel series.He is known to many as Gilo but Matthew Nabwiso is the heart-melting actor from The Hostel series, which was popular on NTV.

He has acted in several plays, movies among which include Matt Bish’s movies, performing with the Barbed Wire Thong on WBS TV and at Club Amnesia.

Nabwiso’s first movie role was 2006’s Battle of the Soul directed by Bish, a true life story about Roger Mugisha’s conversion from Satanism to Pentecostalism.

Mathew is son to Kagoma county, former MP of Jinja District Dr. Frank Nabwiso.

Doreen and Amon Muzoora

Doreen Kabareebe is currently one of the most famous models in the country. Though little was known of her, she became a talk of town in 2012 when nude photos of her were published in tabloids.

She is a daughter of Amon Muzoora , former MP for Rwampara county.

Hannington and Stephen Kavuma

Hannington Kuteesa is Uganda’s former representative in the Big Brother Africa House. He is son to former MP, minister and acting Chief Justice Stephen Kavuma and veteran educationist and MP, Ruth Nvumetta Kavuma.


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