Staycation away While in Uganda

Mabira Rain Forest Lodge

Who does not love vacations? They are undoubtedly great especially when one spends ninety percent of the year working! Traveling to beautiful, exotic places, seeing the world’s wonders, enjoying new cuisines, fashions, languages, etc; everything about a vacation is supposed to be fun. The thought of going on vacation is great especially when it comes to adventure and the leisure activities, however the plane tickets and hotel expenses can take a toll on the vacation budget.

How about a staycation? A staycation is a vacation at home, more precisely, a time of entertainment and relaxation in a one’s hometown. Some may consider spending a weekend at a local hotel or resort or just spend some time away from home the whole day and retire home.

Experience Africa Safaris one of the local tour operators based in Kampala offers some of the best vacations including natural healing staycations. On your next Uganda Safari why not try out this amazing leisurely option that is involved with a lot of benefits;

Benefits of going on staycation:

  • A staycation is more affordable than a traditional vacation because travel expenses are minimal and accommodation costs are optional;
  • Staycations do not require prolonged, exhausting travel. No updating your passport. No layovers or delays;
  • One does not need to pack;
  • Staycationers support local businesses and attractions when you purchase tickets and means among others;
  • A staycation is a great opportunity to get to know your area. By experiencing the unique entertainment, food, and local treasures your town has to offer, you will make a great tour guide for visiting family and friends.
  • Most people never take the time to do local tourism. If you move away later, you may never have the chance.

If you’re in Kampala, here are a few places that you can offer to staycation at:

Mabira Forest

The largest remnant tropical rain forest in Central Uganda. Located within just 54Km from Kampala, you will find the next home renowned for retreats. Stay a weekend at the beautiful Mabira Forest Lodge that is set within the green forest.

Far Places for staycations include;

Lake Bunyonyi

Also known as the Switzerland of Africa, this is one of the most beautiful places in Uganda. You can enjoy a relaxing vacation at one of the many lodges that are located at the lake shores as well those that are set on different islands.

Lake Bunyonyi

List of Hotels for the Best Staycations;

  • Lake Victoria Serena Kigo
  • Cassia Lodge Kampala


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