Benefits of Long Term Car Rental in Uganda


Uganda is the pearl of Africa and gifted by nature, the country has many tourist attractions to offer to tourists. Each region in Uganda is gifted by different wonders, this makes visitors to go long rental deals to visit most of the activities. Different types of visitors come to Uganda for leisure, adventure, relaxation and etc. They choose the type of travel they prefer, some book all-inclusive safaris where Transportation, accommodation, driver guide and etc. are included on the trip and others choose to hire the car and self drive Uganda on their own.

Advantages of Long Rentals in Uganda

-Long rental Hire will give visitors chance to cover more places, it is easy to add more destinations on the Itinerary since the days are many.

-It gives a chance to a visitor to have enough relaxation on the trip, no need of rushing to different destinations

-Long rental enables visitors to do more activities, some decide to re do the activity like Tracking Gorillas Twice, game drives and etc.

-It is possible to hire a driver guide on long rental. This will enable a visitor to sit back and just enjoy the journey.

-More photos can be taken for different interests for instance certain birds can be targeted and good shots can be taken.

-It is possible to go with rooftop tent car, ground tent and do camping trip on long rental. This minimizes the cost for accommodations on the trip.

– Interactions with different people and more so the local people of the area is possible with long rental. Some visitors do enjoy village walks, local visits and many more.

-All types of visitors can book long rental deals, whether, couple, family, friends, group and many more.

Destinations/activities which can be visited on long rental deals in Uganda.

Jinja: Jinja is found in Easter side of Uganda, many visitors on long rentals tend to end with it because of its relaxing water-based activities like water rafting, Bungee Jumping, boat rides, and many more.

Besides, Jinja has other activities like Nature walks in mabira, Zip lining, Horse riding, birding and many more. Visitors on long rental will have an opportunity to do most of the activity basing on choice.

Rwenzori Mountain Hiking

Visitors on long rental can also Hike Mountain Rwenzori. It depends on the number days a visitors prefer to spend on the mountain and the flow of the Itinerary. Different peaks can be explored including the Margarita peak. To reach Margarita, is approx. 7 to 8 days, for exploring more peaks, more days can be added.

It is advisable to first do activities subject to availability and expiry when having Rwenbzori on the Itinerary. Activities like Gorilla and Chimpanzee tracking, bookings are allocated to a specific day, once you miss the permit is expired. Since with Hiking, anything can happen which can lead to delay, it is necessary to first do such activities to avoid losses.

Primates Destinations

This involves Gorilla and Chimpanzee Tracking. Gorillas can be tracked in Bwindi or Mgahinga National Park in Uganda. Chimpanzees can be tracked in Kibale, Budongo, Kalinzu and others. These are memorable creatures and visitors secure permits to be able to track the primates.

Since primates parks like Bwindi are located in the western Uganda, almost a full day drive, visitors on long rental will have enough days to visit the apes. Long rental deals can also allow you to break the journey before reaching long waiting activity.

Kidepo Valley National Park

This is one of the remote parks in Uganda. To go to Kidepo and an activity there, it is necessary to have not less than 5 days, and if a visitor is to have more destinations, long rental itineraries can fit properly. Kidepo National Park is one of the beautiful parks in Uganda with unique land scape, culture and the wildlife. Every visitor who visits this place appreciates what Uganda has to offer.

Pian Upe and Mt Moroto

They are in Northern Uganda and very impressive, Hiking mount Moroto is exciting, different wonders will be seen. Pain Upe game reserve is rich in diversity of species, wild animals which are rarely seen elsewhere are available in this reserve. Some of them include, Greater kudu, lions, zebra, Buffalo, leopard, spotted hyena, Oribi and many more.

Mountain Elgon and the surrounding area,

Visitors on long rental visit the Eastern side of Uganda, Mountain Elgon is shared between Uganda and Kenya. On both sides, Hikes are conducted, there are different trails to follow when hiking Mt Elgon depending on the visitors’ preferences. Guides are organized to ensure safety on the mountain and support.

Around Elgon, Nature walks are conducted on sipi falls. It has three phases. And some visitors manage to hike all the 3 phases.  Nature walk around sipi is fun, there are different rocks, the thrill of the falls its self is beautiful and cool.



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