What Is the Most Expensive Car in Uganda?

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The most expensive car in Uganda is the Aston Martin DBS. In this article, we have put together everything you need to know about Aston Martin DBS car, its description, specifications/features, benefits of using it, and other useful information. We shall also hint on other most expensive rental cars in Uganda worth hiring for your road trip –whether it is a self-drive tour or driver guided safari.

Other most expensive rental cars in Uganda include Mercedez Benz, Range Rover, Land Cruiser V8, VX and others. You can find an expensive car for hire in Uganda in Kampala capital city, Entebbe, Jinja and other cities.

The majority of the expensive or luxury rental cars are booked mainly for executive business travels, special occasions like weddings, filming, VIP airport transfers and videography.

Complete information about Aston Martin DBS, the most expensive car in Uganda;

Aston Martin DBS

Aston Martin DBS is the most expensive car in Uganda, a grand tourer produced by the British manufacturer Aston Martin Lagonda Limited. The Aston Martin model come with distinct specifications including engine 3995 cc DOHC, weight 1588 kg, power 280 bhp and torque 390.5 N.m at 3850 rpm. Aston Martin DBS comes with multiple benefits including;

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

Aston Martin DBS cars are not just expensive but also known for their monstrous speed with capability of taking off from 60 mph to 210 mph. This is regardless of their body styles. They are fitted with powerful twin turbocharged 5.2 Liter V-12 engine making 715 horsepower in the regular DBS. The 759 horsepower in the 770 ultimate models and drives the rear wheels through 8 speed automatic; mash the gas pedal and the DBS takes off just like a Saturn V rocket. DBS are the best, especially when it comes to twisty routes.

Fuel Economy

In terms of fuel economy, DBS cars aren’t efficient. But it has 22 –mpg highway fuel efficiency rating which positions it a head of most sport vehicles like Ferrari F8 tributo and Lamborghini Huracan.

Comfort in the Interior

DBS are super touring sport vehicles and comes with luxurious interior making them ideal for road trips. Looking for a car that guarantees you complete comfort? Then look no further than DBS grand touring sport cars. These sport model cars feature leather-wrapped power adjustable sports seats with standard heat and memory setting. They come with cabin that accommodates luggage.

Infotainment and connectivity

DBS come with great entertainment features which won’t leave you bored. The DBS models are fitted with an 8.0-inch infotainment display, Bluetooth phone and audio streaming connectivity.

Safety and driver assistance

Aston Martin are among the very few cars that come with driver assistance features. There are key safety features including standard front and rear parking sensors; standard airbags and electronic stability control as well as standard 360 degree exterior camera system.

Why are Aston Martin cars expensive?

There are many reasons why Aston Martin cars are so expensive. They include hand-built quality, high-tech factory, precision engineering, low volume production with high cost (very limited number of cars are produced each year), superior quality leather, and others.

Other most expensive cars to hire in Uganda

Mercedes Benz

Mercede-Benz also most popular as Mercedes/Benz is a German luxury brand. It is perfect for weddings or if you are interested in VIP treat. Mercedes Benz feature among the 4 models which include 2-door coupe, 5-door station wagon, 4-door sedan and 2-door convertible.

Range Rover

Available for hire for VIP events or weddings. Range Rover is a 4×4 luxury SUV rentals with seating capacity of 5pax. Choose from our comfortable 3 models; Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover.


If you are planning a wedding and you need to have something unique from what others have had, then hiring Limousine should be a must do. Limousine is one of the most expensive cars in Uganda. It is renowned large-stretched chauffeur-driven luxury vehicle.

Limousines feature long wheelbases and often, they are preferred for special occasions such as weddings, video shoots, presidential conveys, and VIP airport transfers. They are designed with distinct compartments including the driver compartment which is separated from that of the passengers. They come with seating capacity of at least 13 pax.

Land Cruiser V8/VX

Land Cruiser V8/VX is a full time 4×4 Toyota land cruiser series, most popular for its powerful performance on the road. Land Cruiser V8 rental cars are designed with remarkable features including powerful 5.7 LV-8 engine, seating capacity 8 pax, MP3/CD player, 8-speed automatic W/OD, 4×4 wheel drive system, luxurious interior for visitors and cargo space; centralized door lock.

Toyota Land Cruiser 300 series

The 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 series features among the most expensive Land cruiser models. They are fitted with many features which make them excellent for off-roading and more powerful than ever. The most important features include 3.3 L twin turbo V6 diesel engine, 4×4 wheel drive system, and more.

The Toyota Land Cruiser 300 series consist of about 6 model grades including GXL, VX, GX, GR and Sahara ZX. They have curb weight capacity of 2605 kg, fuel tank capacity of 80L, engine type –choose from diesel and petrol, and available in an automatic transmission.

Features/characteristics of an expensive rental car

What is the most expensive rental car? Discover the multiple features that distinguish expensive car rentals from others. They include;

  1. Sumptuous leather upholstery.
  2. Powerful engines for top-tier performance.
  3. State-of-the art entertainment systems.

In summary, expensive cars are perfect for anyone who desires to experience the epitome of luxury. They are exclusive cars that set unmatched class from the ordinary. We have a range of rental car options for any who desires the allure of luxury vehicles without necessarily owning them.

Our most expensive cars provide variety of incredible features ranging from the latest technology to exquisite interior designs thus guaranteeing you an unforgettable road trip experience. Besides, they are popular for their powerful engines and superior performance capabilities. To book an expensive car in Uganda, simply talk to our reservation team.


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