Man Collapses Dead During Love Making

Man Dies During Love Making

The Territorial Police in Arua, registered an incident of sudden death, where a one Ali Musstafa, a 25-year-old, businessman of OZU cell, Kenya ward in Arua, sustained a respiratory failure during a love making session, with his girlfriend, Adania Ratio, at Avenue lodge in Arua City on the 25.01.2023 at around 9pm. The victim collapsed and died in the room.

The girl friend went and alerted the hotel management, who immediately alerted the police at Arua. The scene was visited and well documented, no trace of drugs, poison or other body influences was recovered at the scene. The body was thereafter, transferred to Arua Referral Hospital and examined. The cause of death was established to be due to respiratory failure.

Death during consensual sex, can occur for a number of reasons, that include the physical strain of the activity or because of unusual extenuating circumstances.


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