Blankets and Wines: Young Girls Hooking Older White Men On Increase

Blankets and Wine

“Beware of Sugar Daddy. Short Term Benefits But Long Term Problems!! Remember: He Could be Your Father.” That was the message fronted by Population Services International (PSI) in its campaign, that was launched in 2007 against cross-generation sex.
One of the couples of a younger girl with an older man at the Blankets and Wines

But the campaign has turned out as total failure! That’s what a Blankets and Wines fanatic would tell you.

The rate at which young girls are hooking up with older white guys is alarming. Although only a few of such couples show up in public, their number is actually more than you think.

This always witnessed at the bi-annual music fest: Blankets and Wines, where tens of young ladies, mostly Ugandans turn up with their boyfriends: older white men.

Some bring along their children, who are always playing in the bouncing castles as their parents throw their love in the air.

They played, kissed, drunk and danced among other things. The expressions on these girl’s faces is one of the ways that they are not bothered by the age of their partners: At least when in such a place.

Hundreds of others, always in all female groups wiggle, wriggle and jiggle hoping it may be their lucky day to hook up the white men around.

The growth in such ‘marriages’ seems to be the latest trend, but hey, how long will it last?


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