Ugandan Food: A Haven For Tastebuds

Uganda Chicken Luwombo

Uganda’s beauty is undeniable and the people are so accommodating that you never want to leave. There is something that is so underrated in this country though, the food!

Ugandan food is delicious and for fitness freak, it is healthy since most of it is usually boiled with herbs and vegetables. From the mashed matooke boiled in leaves to the beef and groundnut stew, your palate will be too happy to be in Uganda.

When in Uganda, the first thing to do after checking into the hotel is to take a delicious food tour around Kampala and explore the best local food eateries around town.

If you are staying within town, most local food restaurants within the city centre always have a local food menu available on order even throughout the day that you can drop whenever the cravings kick in.

The best time to get the perfect local food combo is during the week day at lunch time where several restaurants prepare sumptuous dishes for the work traffic that shows up from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm.

Most of the places will be packed (not to the rafters), but the best part about this is that you get to serve yourself and enjoy your meal as you watch the crowd come and go.

In Kampala, just because the place is not on a famous street with boulevards does not mean the food will not be delicious, most restaurants that specialize in local Ugandan dishes are so good at it that many of their customers keeping coming back for more and more!

When you walk through the city, you will find there are streets that will filled with delicious aromas from the different well-decorated restaurants that your tongue will be excited to explore. Give in to the urge and drop in, you might just discover something the world needs to know about.

The common lunchtime menu usually consists of mashed matooke boiled in matooke leaves (matooke are green bananas), boiled sweet potatoes, cassava, yams and Irish potatoes, posho (Ugali), bean stew, luwombo, nakati, ggobe and kachumbari (local leafy greens that are boiled and served as a side, nakati is bitter) amongst others.

The best restaurants are the ones within town and from our survey they are the common ones that people frequent due to the food they serve. Some of them include, Shaka Zulu in Bugolobi, Feedrite in Kamwokya on Kanjokya street and Diner’s Choice on Master Plaza, Bombo Road amongst others.

The cost of exploring Ugandan cuisine depends on the restaurant or hotel that is patronised and it would range from 10,000 to 50,000 Ugandan shillings. Ugandan food is an addiction that is ridiculously healthy for you, so you can have as much as you want whenever as there are many restaurants all over the country that are able to satisfy all cravings.


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