WorldRemit Rejoices Ugandans Sending Money Home Safely


With approximately 660,000 Ugandans in the diaspora, the remittance industry has witnessed an increase in money being sent to families and friends across Uganda. The World Bank in 2018 reported that those in the diaspora sent home over 1.4 billion US dollars in 2017. Uganda is noted amongst the largest remittance recipients in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We are proud to help Ugandans abroad contribute to the progress of their home countries economic growth and sustainability. Whether you are sending money for education, bills or for festivities such as Uganda’s Independence celebrations, it is important to us that we deliver your hard-earned money quickly and securely to your friends and family.

Here are our top recommendations for staying safe when sending money to Uganda this festive season.

  1. Ensure that the platform Is secure & encrypted

All connections to WorldRemit through our website and mobile app are secure and encrypted so that the information exchanged between your browser and our platform is not accessible by any third party. This means that you can trust us with your sensitive data, such as your password or contact details, without worrying about any prying eyes. Our systems allow us to screen transactions and look for signs of suspicious activity.

  1. Make sure the payment system is reliable & secure

At WorldRemit, our advanced systems are set up to help process debit and credit card payments securely. Our website and mobile app use a 3D Secure technology, which is designed to ensure that it is you who is using your card. Only you know what your verification code is, WorldRemit can not see this personal information.

  1. Check for Regulatory Standards and Compliance

WorldRemit is a fully licensed international remittance service. Operating as an Authorised Electronic Money Institution, we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, meaning that we are obliged to follow very strict rules to keep your data secure. When we send money internationally, we also have to meet the requirements of global regulatory bodies. By adhering to each country’s regulations, we can further protect our customers and safeguard your money.

Safety is an ongoing goal, and we continuously work to ensure that our Compliance and Security teams are continuously monitoring.

  1. Is the company backed up by a strong security team?

From Compliance to Security teams, we are constantly monitoring transactions and looking for signs of suspicious activity. If something doesn’t add up, we take immediate action to protect your account, sensitive details and money.

All accounts and transactions are carefully reviewed to ensure they are not being used for the wrong purposes. If we suspect that someone knows your password, we’ll temporarily freeze your account and reach out to you to help you secure your user profile.

  1. Is the Customer Service always available?

When it comes to sending money to family and friends, peace of mind is everything.  It’s a relief to know that there is someone available to help resolve issues, as soon as possible. That is the case with WorldRemit, our customer service team is available 24/7.

  1. Reputation is key

We are a reputable, award-winning company, serving over 6,500 money transfer routes globally. Today, millions of customers have come to trust us with their money.

We take pride in being a trustworthy and secure global payments company, supporting Africa’s initiatives in driving digital transactions and financial inclusion. If you’re looking for more information on how we protect your money, visit our Staying Safe Online page.


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