The Burden Of A ‘Side Dish’

Intimate Couple

I was seated in a taxi today, and I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on a conversation between two ladies at the back.Conversations among women always seem to center around home issues especially on their relationships or marriages and … I must admit that this does not come as a surprise since I am a woman too.

One of the ladies was pouring her heart out to her friend about how she is not happy in her marriage and how she thinks that her husband has suddenly changed. She went on to say that he might be having a “side dish”.

Side dish! Are you kidding me? Ladies, if cheating is compared to this, why give your man the option to even think of having one. Give him a full course meal! I know this might trigger a lot of objectivity especially among the ladies but sometimes it is what it is.

Think about it; if we are good at talking about it with our peers, what are we doing about it? The question every woman should ask herself. I believe communication is key to every relationship, don’t you think talking about it with your girlfriend than your man is a recipe for disaster?

Well, maybe before starting to point fingers at the men, we should stop, evaluate and try to understand what triggers all these sudden changes. Are women too insecure, over protective?, do we love too deep that it hurts? Or are the men really to blame? If you really love him, you would be more than willing to fight for him!

Are you the nagging type?

By far, the most common complaint I’ve heard ladies say is, “my husband/boyfriend has changed, he used to be so loving and caring bluh, bluh, bluh”

It’s a fact; men don’t like to be constantly scolded! Are you wondering why your man would rather go for a drink at the bar with his friends than come home to you? So maybe you should take it a little easy on him. Learn to appreciate your men!

Are you the insecure / jealous / over protective type?

The “CIA” type. Yes, you now know who you are! Constantly calling your man to find out where he is, who he’s with and what he’s doing. May be you need to channel all that energy into other things like trying to look good for your man, complimenting him on a hard day at work or just constantly reminding him that you love him.

Remember, it’s the simple things in life that make a difference. Make him want YOU and no one else! You will be amazed by the ‘super woman’ in you.

Chao !


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