Bebe Cool Orders Sudanese Off His Concerts If They Expel Ugandans


Uganda Reggae artist, Bebe Cool has Thursday issued a warning to the government of South Sudan.

While reacting on a statement made Tuesday by South Sudan’s labour minister, the singer warned people with South Sudanese roots not to attend any of his concerts, starting October 15.

“South Sudan has decided to send away all foreign workers, including all our Ugandan brothers and sisters who had invested in the country. If it turns out to be true, let me be the first person to react positively by saying; let no South Sudanese ever attend my concerts, effective 15 October,” he wrote.

The Love You Every Day singer’s reaction follows a decree made Tuesday by South Sudan’s Labour Minister ordered all foreign workers to leave the country.

It said that foreign workers of any nationality must stop working by Oct. 15 and businesses or organizations must thereafter advertise for the vacant posts.

The order, reported by a local radio station, also applied to communications companies, banks, insurance companies, oil companies and hotels.

Meanwhile, this has since been reversed. Overturning an earlier order, Foreign Minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin stressed the government “is not expelling any foreign worker in South Sudan.”

But the Minister of Labour Ngor Kolong Ngor back peddled to clarify the ministry’s circular, saying they were only “targeting low-level positions”.


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