Bebe Cool Performs For 50 People In Local Bars, Eddy Kenzo


Eddy Kenzo did not take it lightly when Bebe Cool called him an upcoming artist. He did agree he was an upcoming artist but in the international scene and not Uganda.

He further went ham on the Gagamel boss saying he performs for 50 people in local bars. That can i attest to because there was a time I saw Bebe Cool posters at a local pub in Kisugu.

Bebe Cool is the same who gave the wife a key and not a vehicle as a Valentines gift. Here is what Eddy Kenzo’s response on the issue:

‘it’s not the first time he is abusing me. After the success of my Stamina song, he went on several fm stations referring me as a dancer. If he thinks am an upcoming artist, it’s okay, Be sitya loss i was an upcoming in africa but famous in Uganda. Now that am known all over Africa, am an upcoming on the international scene. I have broken a lot of records. i have achieved what they failed. If i decide to perform in a bar, it means that i will be stepping in some upcoming artiste’s daily bread yet i can put up a big show somewhere and get 3,000 pipo. Why shd i perform for 50 pipo in a bar?”

His response for not performing for Dembe Fm:

”kasuku is an employee of Dembe fm, he has a show where they abuse me every Saturday. They tell pipo that am not gud enough. Why do they want someone who is not good to perform for their listeners?”


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