Malwa Talk Featuring Bebe Cool and Sauti Sol

Bebe Cool Mboozi Za Malwa

At the height of the previous presidential campaign, a number of artistes got themselves some stick for singing the NRM campaign song; curses, abuses, scorn and all sorts of things went their way.

Among these artistes was; Joseph Mayanja (Chameleone), Moses Ssali ( Bebe Cool), King Saha (what is this one’s original name?), Rehema Namakula (Rema), Moses Ssekibogo ( Mowzey Radio) and Douglas Mayanja (Weasel), whoever I have left out, I beg to be excused, malwa talk is picky.

So in March, FDC instruct their millions of voters to boycott the music by all the above artistes- KABULENGANE.

Well I do not want to lose the talk, Bebe Cool has released a new tune featuring Africa’s arguably best boy group- Sauti Sol.

The song landed on the play list of our Malwa kafunda, you know these things, where the “selector” at the Kafunda mistakenly plays from a flash disc they were given to copy songs to- There we were…zinyuma banange zinyuma embozi zamalwa…

We rioted immediately and asked that the fella withdraws the song with an apology and proceed without further delay our soukous featuring Sam Mangwana and the likes…

It is very hard to agree in such an environment, except when they ask if it’s a good move for President Museveni to give the group Shs 2million- no compromise, in unison and with very drunken accents, all will say..yeeesth.

And surely as some of us were constantly yelling and agitating for a return to soukous, a one Isaac was already midway the song and twisting to it with a mixture of strokes stolen from Speaker Kadaga and US ambassador Malac (You know those dance strokes of going down but refusing to reach until the song ends..with your hands signaling to those around you that yeaaaaah “I have grabbed the song”).

He incited the rest of us who had a few strokes to spare, and before we knew it, the pot had been surrounded by a pair…sorry by a group of people dancing to this song that had forcefully registered itself on our play list.

Ozanya namalwa ngagakukute….the song became a play list and we danced to the same song until rain dispersed us………we shall pay when we meet later today. Oh meehn this African life and music, I wanna live and die in Africa.


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