Mary Luswata Tells Bebe Cool To Do World A Favour And Kill Self


However, this may turn out as one of his worst weeks, over the statement he made. The first person to attack the Nkola Byafayo singer was his foe, Bobi Wine, who gave him only 7 days to issue an apology over the statement he made.

But that was Monday. The singer has again Tuesday been attacked over the same statement. While commenting on the statement, gossip queen, Mary Luswata has asked Zuena’s husband to “do the world a favour and kill himself.”

“Because this guy is just a disgrace to human race……advocating hate because of the six killed Ugandans or more, does not make any sense at all. I know to you its revenging (like how most of the fools do it), but what you’re doing is causing more harm,” Luswata advised, something she rarely does.

“What was issued was a government policy by the authority NOT the south Sudanese citizens. This is just a misunderstanding between the two governments. Tutukooya!……After all nobody attends flops.”

This comes Just hours when Bobi Wine asked the dreadlocked singer to apologise to the Sudanese over the same statement.

Bebe Cool Last week warned Sudanese against attending his shows, effective from 15 October, 2014.

“South Sudan has decided to send away all foreign workers, including all our Ugandan brothers and sisters who had invested in the country.

If it turns out to be true, let me be the first person to react positively by saying; let no South Sudanese ever attend my concerts, effective 15 October,” he wrote.

His statement came a day after South Sudan’s Labour Minister ordered all foreign workers to leave the country, effective Oct. 15 and businesses or organizations must thereafter advertise for the vacant posts.


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