The Best Organic Foods to Eat for healthy hair


We are switching up things a little. Everyone enjoys the value of eating different types of food and just on the whole loves and enjoys eating. Today, however, we look at how organic foods could be a naturalist’s best friend as she embarks on their natural hair journey.

In a fun chat with Co-Founder of Nzuri Textures Lydia Kahuga (pictured above), who runs the company that is dedicated to #TeamNatural hair among other things, together with her business partner Rowena Lubowa, we learnt that aside from being an avid naturalist, she is a lawyer by day and a hair stylist and writer. Her colleague Rowena is also a lawyer and an entrepreneur.

Lydia says she has been a naturalist all her life. She wore it short during school and started growing it in 2012. “At first the beginning of my natural hair journey was overwhelming. However, as time goes on I am glad that there are more natural hair salons and there is generally more information on how to manage natural hair. This is what inspired us to start Nzuri Textures.”

A woman’s hair is her crown, says Lydia, and so many women have mistreated their hair by always plaiting it and not giving it room to breathe, adding chemicals to make it easier to style or applied excessive heat through hot combing, which damages it. Natural hair can be very easy and affordable to maintain — if you are creative.

“Creativity is key when it comes to styling and the kind of hair products you use,” Lydia says. One important fact to note is that everyone has different a hair texture and therefore different products should be used based on the hair type.

When asked what the best organic products to use for their hair are, Lydia recommends eggs, extra virgin olive oil, avocado, honey, shea butter, nnion juice and coconut oil.

The above help with softening, strengthening and moisturizing the hair and most can be gotten on Jumia Food on the Jumia Fresh category, which allows you to shop for fresh groceries.

Lastly, Lydia leaves us with some food for thought: “You are what you eat,” she says, urging people to try and eat healthy, which will in turn result in healthy, bouncy hair.

She recommends leafy greens which have minerals that are great for hair growth, foods rich in Omega3 such as fish, carrots, beans and of course the number one ingredient: water.

For those who find it difficult to stick to a healthy diet due to their busy schedules, she proposes supplements as prescribed by the doctor.


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