Good Men Still Exist: Here is How you can Find Them

Good Men Still Exist

Today, let us talk about the real man.

In case you have invested a lot of time, effort and investment in relationships but you have still failed to feel loved then this is your place. You probably have tried out different men but after all the disappointments and heartaches you have convinced yourself that all me are the same. My dear, read this carefully:.

Yes there are no perfect men but good men exist: a man who is loving, caring, supportive, reliable, religious, dependable and predictable. Don’t be desperate; take time and find the right man. If he loves you he will eventually commit

Relationships are built on the inner person not what others see; how he makes you feel valuable, confident and comfortable. Nothing beats a man with a mature mind and  strong character. Fall in love with a man who makes your world beautiful not who people think suits you.

Most of the things we fawn about and pay more attention to are basic and we undermine the most important things that require our attention. Things like:

  • Does he motivate you to get better?
  • Does he give you safe space to excel?
  • Does he influence your life positively?
  • Does he go out of his way to help you?
  • If the man in your life can’t give you inner peace, then you need someone who gives you something more than the ordinary.

Get out of the dilemma and love that guy that fears God, the man with a vision, honesty, hardworking, humble, strives to keep the smile on your face; he goes out of the way to tolerate you;  he knows your flaws but loves them unconditionally. Such a man respects you; he appreciates the little things you do for him and he is proud your his and treats you like a queen and fears to loose you.

A serious man would rather break your barriers rather than breaking your heart. A real man is ready for love; he will be committed to invest in you and see you grow. He will listen to you, he will support you and be your best friends, he will try to create heaven for you on earth just to receive the highest level of your love and he will treat you like a priority.

A right man will consistently carve out a space for himself in your life, and you won’t have to wonder when you will hear from him again. You won’t have to wonder how he feels about you because he will communicate his emotions as best as he can. He will remind you your special and beautiful and you won’t have to wonder whether he wants to be with you for the rest of his life because he raises that subject and makes it clear to you. He will plan for your future together and make you the happiest woman in the world.

I know someone does not believe such men exist; my dear good men exist! The problem is your looking for a boy with whom your going to put on the same attire and pose for a photo shoot, go to a movie together and eat popcorn, then jump on boda-bodas to hangout and roam around town all year with no plans. Then after a breakup you say all men are trash.


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