Brenda Nambi: I am Not Sorry, Whatever You Saw Were My Parts Not Anybody’s


Singer, model-cum designer, Brenda Nambi whose nude photos leaked last week, has come out publicly after the incident and said that she has no reason apologise to anyone since whatever was exposed were her parts.

“Apologise to ladies? What did I do? I am not sorry because I take pictures every day. I love myself….I am sorry that they got into the wrong hands. But I am not sorry that when I come back home or when I feel good about myself, I take a picture or two. That I am not sorry…ever,” Brenda fumed in a video discussion that has been posted online by entertainment critic, Peng Peng.

“People shouldn’t judge me. What I do in my house is none of anyother person’s business. Those were my boobs and everything that appeared there.”

After having been away from the media for a while, Nambi made it to news last week thanks to her nude photos that were made public. The photo’s went viral seconds after they were posted online.

In some of the photos that Red Pepper got to see, Brenda is seen standing totally naked in a corridor, holding a black phone which is believed to have been used to take the photos while she is seen seated on another in the second one.

However, it is the second photo in which most of her parts are visible; he boobs are wholly exposed.

The ex-obsessions and HB Toxic singer’s photos are leaked at a time when her music and design careers were wanning.

Meanwhile she also has sex tapes that Peng Peng has threatened to make public anytime. Some media like claim to have seen the tapes and they allege former Kampala Mayor, Al Hajj Nasser Ntege Ssebagala popularly known as Seya is the person caught on camera with Nambi.


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