How Ugandan Man Who Attempted Suicide By Jumping Off A 6-Storey Survived


A video of a man jumping off from the roof of a sixth-floor building has gone viral worldwide. The man only identified as Kalule Mustafa tried committing suicide by jumping from the rooftop of Mabirizi Complex in Kampala last Saturday.

Miraculously the man survived the fall and was rushed to Mulago hospital where he is currently recuperating.

But how did he survive the fall?? Kalule Mustafa landed on a car parked on the street when he jumped off the building.

The car provided him a ‘soft landing’ compared to the impact that he would have experienced were he to land on the tarmac direct from the 6-storey building.

Kalule still fell on the tarmac as he hit the car and got thrown off to the road. He was bleeding profusely when the ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital.


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