You May Have to Cut Down Your Meal Schedule to Live in Kampala

Food in Uganda

Food prices continues to hike country wide. The impact of this can be felt more in Kampala and other  urban cent res in the country where most families there have to part with large sums of money in order to return home lifting  “a Kavera” of food.

In Kampala,  big families have no choice but to cut down their routine  meals or else sleep on an embety stomach. Already most families have now adjusted to one meal a day  to fit within their pockets.

Food vendors operating in the major city markets attributes the rising food prices to multiple factors including the previous  dry spell, the rising fuel prices and fears of possible political unrest following recent general elections.

At 6:00pm every evening Florence Akanyo a resident of Bukoto a Kampala suburb and mother of three and looks after five Dependants shops food at Kamwokya market for only dinner. She says her husband who is aboda boda cyclist can not afford to buy food for both lunch and dinner.
“its a hard experience for my two young daughters to eat once but I have no option,” said Florence.

She is just an example of the many families who can not afford regular meals in this era.

In the recent market survey, at Kamwokya market bag of Irish potatoes has increased to 80.000 from 60.000 shillings and a kilogram shot up to 2000 from 1500 shillings in just three months, a box of tomatoes is now is at 13000 from 5000 shillings, a medium size cabbage goes for 2000 from 1.500 shillings.
And in kalerwe market a kilogram of cassava flour has increased to 800 from 600, rice is 2.700 from 2400, a kilogram of posho is 1500 shillings from 1000 .
well as in Nakasero market the prices is much higher. A banch of Matoke costs 25.000, a kilogram of Irish going for 2.200, Posho,2.300 , this is much higher than all the city markets.

House holds that use to consume let say 20 kilograms of posho have now cut their consumption to15 Kilogame a week. They have managed to reduce this by foregoing some meals and also consuming less food.

This should serve as an eye opener to family heads and all those intending to set up families. It is important to plan your family. Have children within your ability to feed, educate and to provide a descent accommodation.
Remember, short of these basic necessities, a child’s growth and development  is likely to hampered.

This does not end here, but also goes a head to discredits  family heads. The society has always held family heads responsible for any a normally that hit the family. Father and mothers are expected to detect problems  that their family are likely to face  and come up with prior solutions.

It’s high time you started thinking about the risks that you family stands and develop possible measure  to the problems.


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