Ugandan Man In Boston Sleeps With His Own Daughter To Get Rich


This is a very sad tale of a mother, Sarah Hudson who found out his Husband Moses Sembatya was sleeping with their own daughter to get rich.

Early this week, Sarah Hudson, a Ugandan living in America posted a Facebook status update celebrating her divorce and many were quick to judge her before knowing the reason for her celebration.

Sarah’s Facebook status:

Kakensa Henry Ndugwa of the Kakensa E-Media who was among the many that criticized Sarah for her misuse of Facebook, washing her dirty linen in public was later contacted for a phone interview and this is how it goes.

I met Moses Sembatya way back in Uganda and we had a short relations, then he disappeared. In 2007 when i came to America,I met Moses again after 10yrs. We had gone somewhere to attend a vigil in the Ugandan community in Boston when I met Moses. He was looking so shabby from the Moses I met 10yrs ago. I was happy never the less to meet my long lost friend.

We spend that evening talking about our past,he told me he had just separated with his white wife of two kids and his green card had been put on hold. He was homeless,being a truck driver Moses was sleeping in his trucks. I had just got my citizenship then,I felt touched by his sad story and welcomed him into my house.

Having had a fling with him earlier in Uganda,We began a serious relationship and i became pregnant then legalized our marriage. On addition to the two children Moses had from that white woman,I got to know that he had six other children in Uganda. His dream was to bring them to USA,he saw this as his future.

He didn’t have legal papers to bring his children. Through my papers,I adopted his six children and applied for their visa to come to USA. Meanwhile,I had another pending application for my two children from my previous relationship too.
My children got the visa first and i brought them to USA then months later,five of his children got the visa too. The 6th child was dropped by immigrations after the DNA test failed to match with that of Moses. I was eight months pregnant when these children came. Among those five children,four were girls.

Moses began behaving funny,He took his elder girls to clubs and spoke about me with children at my back. He told them he fell in love with me because that was the only way to bring them to USA. I didn’t know this until recently when i filed for divorce. I also got to know that he told my own daughter who came the same time with his children that,I don’t love her,I only loved my son.

He told her everything every time we had sex,seduced her with gifts. My daughter was 17yrs then. He told her I was looking pale,pregnant and with high blood pressure most likely to die so soon,he promised my daughter he would marry her if i die.

Having not had close bondage with my child as she was growing up,she never told me anything. When i left her in Uganda for greener pastures in USA, she was just 3yrs and when i brought her to USA she was 17yrs. We didn’t have that close mother to child relationship as she was growing up. But i was always there for her,paid upkeep,school fees and saw that my children back home lived a good life.

The distance we had in between us destroyed my closeness with my daughter,so she kept quiet as Moses went ahead to tarnish me with the intention of having sex my child. But you must remember she was just 17yrs.
When these children came i was pregnant,now the child i gave birth to is 5yrs. Too many things have happened in between these five years at my back. Almost the entire Ugandan community in Boston knew it except me.
Last year one of Moses´s own daughter came to me and asked me if i was happy being married to her dad. She went ahead to tell me that Moses went to Uganda and visited a witchdoctor for powers to become rich,she told me that the witchdoctor told Moses, for their family to become rich,Moses had to have sex with his favorite daughter.

On getting back to USA,Moses narrated his ordeal to his favorite daughter. He had sex with his own daughter called Mimi. And from that time they began doing it quite often at my back.
I was shocked,picked my phone and called Moses who was at work then and asked him.When he heard my shaky voice on phone,he told me to hang up and wait for him to come home and explain. I was so helpless, I immediately called his mother in Uganda. When I asked her about this witchcraft thing which has led to such taboo in the family,the only thing she replied was,
“Muwala wange nawe omaze n´obitegeera? Nze nkyasukkako dda nenkwata ekifananyi kya Moses nengenda mu kanisa nasula mu night prayers nga nsabira omuzimu ogwo guve mu mwana wange”
As if that wasn’t painful enough to hurt me,I got to know that Moses had sex with my own daughter…My own child…(sobs) I confronted my child and beat her up,but all through this beating she was silent. If i had a gun i would have shot Moses,his daughter,my daughter and myself.
I began figuring out the whole situation from the past. One day i came back from work,while making our bed,I found Mimi´s broken necklace in our bed,I asked Moses how his daughter´s necklace came to our bed. He explained that he asked the girl for drinking water and when she brought the water she sturbonly mocked him which annoyed him and pulled her by the neck to punish her which left the necklace broken and thats how it fell in our bed.

Being a well nurtured Muganda,I couldn’t imagine something fishy to that extent. I was so traumatized to hear this story. Friends told me to report the case to police, but Moses is the father of my 5yr old child. I cried day and night,didn’t eat, I am from a strong muslim family,I had never held alcohol in my life but I began to drink to get some sleep. Life was worthless. I called friends to tell them am going to die,full of tears i told them “Ngenda kubafaako” (sobs..sobs)

His own children deserted him after this fracas. The elder one (Mimi) is now married and expecting a second born while the other one has a 1yr old child. Moses is back to sleeping in his trucks like he was when Sarah met him,he doesn’t even give child support to any of his 8 children he has in USA. What does this teach us?
After recovering from this shock,Sarah went back to Uganda and found herself new happiness in a new man called Sebufu Baker


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