Why Self Driving Can be a Bad Idea for First Time Visitors


While some tourists prefer self drive car rental in Uganda, most people would rather not risk it most especially first time visitors. Surprisingly, Ugandans are generally friendly, welcoming and courteous but that patience and courtesy disappears when they get behind the wheel, and it’s when you will see ruthless people on the road. Like any other country, Traffic laws exist in Uganda but you will be shocked but most road users don’t obey them and neither are they enforced except when there are traffic police on the road. Overtaking on blind curves, over speeding and using the road direction during driving is what you will see in Uganda thus the reason for high rates of accidents. Therefore, it is an insane idea for you to undertake a self drive trip when exploring the different attractions within this destination and shockingly, it like swimming in the same place with crocodiles.

As for Rwanda, self drive safaris are a perfect idea because of the improved road conditions and strict procedures when enforcing traffic laws thus the drop in road accidents hence you would rather do it within the land of a thousand hills. Therefore, the following are the reasons why self drive safaris in Uganda are sometimes a bad idea;

Several obstacles on the road

It is in Uganda that you can see cows in the City or crossing highways but not only that, you will encounter other wildlife species especially elephants, buffaloes and antelopes crossing the roads near National Parks. There have been recorded cases of vehicles knocking elephants on the Kampala-Gulu highway thus likely to cause accidents. If you accidently knock domestic animals like cows, goats and chicken near rural areas, make sure to report to the nearest Police Station to avoid being beaten by the locals.

No one obeys traffic laws except when there are traffic police

In Uganda, everyone is a King on the road and road users especially motorcycles riders commonly known as Boda-boda don’t obey traffic laws with most of them riding on the wrong sides of the road including Pedestrian Pavements. Over speeding and overtaking on wrong road sides are common thus you would be risking. So its better to use a trained and qualified driver who knows how things in Uganda works and will be able to drive you safely to your final destination.

Horrible road conditions in most regions

Most roads in Uganda especially the ones leading to the National Parks are murram while others are full of potholes thus it would be a bad idea to go on self drives but rather with a qualified chauffeur who are used to the roads.

It is very dangerous to drive at night

Driving in Uganda at night is the worst mistake you will ever do in your life, especially if you are a first-time visitor and driver. Shockingly, traffic rule always change at night with many driving without headlights and drunk driving being another common thing.

In conclusion, self drive safaris in Uganda are a bad idea because it the associated dangers of driving at night, there are many obstacle on the roads, the roads are also in horrible state and most road users don’t obey the traffic rules (even when there are many good laws) thus just leave the driving to the qualified drivers provided by the tour and travel companies or Car rental companies.


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