As Men Shun Responsibilities, Women are Taking Over – Archbishop Kaziimba

Archbishop Kazimba Mugalu

No handshakes. No flashy photography. As you all might know by now, Uganda has a new Archbishop. And yes, these were among the rules in the just concluded and well attended enthronement ceremony of the new Archbishop of church of Uganda. The ceremony to usher in the ninth archbishop of the Province of the Church of Uganda held at St Paul’s Cathedral, Namirembe in Kampala was steered by the Rt Rev Jackson Nzerebende Tembo, the Dean of the Province.

Health and order were paramount at this event that attracted officials and or dignitaries like President, First Lady, among many others. “I congratulate our good Archbishop Kaziimba for the elevation to Archbishop of Church of Uganda,” the President started. “I can be witness that he indeed did a good job in Mityana and I am sure that he will spread it to the whole Uganda.” He acknowledged the role of the church in uniting Ugandans and applauded the inter-religious council for keeping the peace amongst different religions.

In his speech, the newly enthroned Kaziimba seemed to use the same words he used when he had just been elected, but went a little further. “Once the head is transformed, the heart is transformed and the hand is transformed to work and to support each other,” he spoke then. “The head, the mindset, the heart, the emotions, one that conversion is done, you have a wonderful Uganda and peaceful.”

When he spoke recently, he re-echoed that. “Our main focus will be the conversion of the head, heart and the hand,” he said. He said the mindset, attitude and a deceitful heart would be his focus. “The political controversies we see and hear are all about the head and the heart,” he added. “Conversion of the hand is about action, socialisation, work and doing things.” He warned against people expecting free things and quoted St. Paul in 2nd Thessalonians 3:10. “He who doesn’t work shouldn’t eat either’, we are blessed by eating the things that come from our hands,” he said.

He then started talking about his worries when it came to the boy child. He said that by the time his role as Archbishop comes to an end, he expects to see change in the boy child who is shunning his duties.  “I would like to see more attention given to the boy-child,” he started. “As they grow into men, they are running away from their responsibilities. And women are taking over.”

About the new Archbishop

Born Stephen Kaziimba to Mr. Besweri Kaddu and Ms. Jessica Nanyonjo August 1962 at Gulama-Najja Kyaggwe, Uganda’s Archbishop is his mother’s first son.  His name, Kaziimba was inherited from his grandfather a Lay-Leader who hailed from Kinoni-Kasoga Parish and Gulama-Nyenga Parish.

Raised solely by his mother in Makindye, a suburb in Kampala, Kaziimba went to Gakuwebwa Munno Nursery and Lusaka Primary School. But tuition was no walk in the park for a young Kaziimba who has since praised his uncle, Emmanual Mukasa (deceased) who was responsible for his High school education at Seeta College Mwanyanjiri.

Before joining the Madudu church choir in 1980, a youthful Kaziimba took to teaching Sunday-School, wherefrom he made the decision to get confirmed. A year later, he was serving as a catechist in his church, up to 1983. Today, he is not just the Archbishop, but husband to Magaret Bulya with whom he has four boys.

Journey at a glance

  • 1985, Lay-Leader Baskerville Theological College Ngogwe, later Lugazi St. Peter’s Church.
  • 1988 – 1990 trained at Uganda Martyrs’ Seminary (Provincial Certificate), and ordained.
  • He served as Assistant Vicar at Nakibizzi Parish in 1990 – 1994.
  • In 1994 – 1996 Diploma in Theology at Bishop Tucker College
  • 1997 – 2000 Katente Parish as Parish Priest.
  • 1999-2001 transferred to Mukono Cathedral as Vicar and later Acting Provost of Mukono Cathedral
  • 2002-2003 Master’s Degree in Theology at the Western Theology Seminary, USA.
  • 2004 confirmed as the provost of St. Philip and Andrew‘s Cathedral.
  • 2004-2007 goes for Doctorate of Ministry at Western Seminary USA and becomes a Canon in 2007
  • 2008-2019, Bishop of Mityana Diocese

Re-cap of selection process

The Rt Rev Edison Irigei, the man responsible for convening the Bishops to elect an archbishop, shook his head. “We are led by the Holy Spirit. There is no outside influence and it’s a secret ballot,” he clarified. “As we convene, we call upon the Holy Spirit to lead us to elect someone who will serve God’s purpose. Government has no role whatsoever.”


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