250,000 More Tourists Expected in Uganda in 2018


Basing on the steady increase of tourist arrivals to Uganda in the past years, Uganda expects to receive over 250,000 travelers in 2018. According to Uganda’s present tourism statistics, there has been a great increase in the number of tourist arrivals coming for Uganda safaris to visit different tourism sites in all parts of the country. Uganda has so far received over 1.3 million travelers which number is expected to increase by a quarter to 1.56 million in 2018 if all strategies are put in place. The hope for many tourists has been raised by various strategies which have been put by the government in cooperation with responsible tourism bodies such as the Uganda Tourism Board, (UTB) in charge of marketing and development of new tourism products, Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) responsible for wildlife conservation while the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is the over seer of all tourism operations in Uganda.

The potentiality of Uganda to attract more travelers was realized in the 8th annual tourism sector where a steady increase in tourist arrivals was confirmed. In order to meet the target of 1.56 million travelers next year (2018), the government has heavily invested in extensive.

Marketing so as to polish the negative image of Uganda’s past times in the international market. It’s unfortunate that some international travelers still think of Uganda as a country of wars, famines and diseases. Similarly, peace and security has been restored especially in northern Uganda and tourism is done smoothly. Besides increased travelers, the government expects increased revenue earning from the current $1.37 Billion dollars to approximately $1.5 billion, which is roughly 5.4 trillion in 2018.

Roads especially those connecting to national parks and other tourism spots in all parts of Uganda should be rehabilitated to ensure safe transport of travelers and their property. Uganda’s major tourism attractions are situated in the remote areas such as Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in southwestern Uganda, Kidepo valley national park in north Eastern Uganda and Murchison falls national park in northwestern Uganda among others. Similarly, other facilities such as hotels/lodges should be established in all parts of the country assuring travelers of quality food and sleeping services wherever they go at the affordable prices.

Conclusively therefore, Uganda is a unique tourism destination rewarding you with memorable experiences. Be part of a Uganda safari for 2018 and enjoy the beauty that nature provides.

Sources: Ugandan Web


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