Is It Safe to Go on Self Drive in Uganda During Covid Era?

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Self-drive in Uganda during COVID-19 era, is it safe? It is true a lot has changed in the travel world today considering the outbreak of corona virus. Uganda like the rest of the world has had a number of lock downs and travel restrictions. Today, before you make a trip to Uganda for a self-drive tour, firstly, you should have some knowledge on the existing travel restrictions. This is a significant travel tip to save yourself from disappointments.

Yes, self-drive in Uganda is safe and secure but with corona virus still in existence, all travelers must observe the Ministry of Health’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The SOPs in place are entirely aimed at reducing the rate in which corona virus can spread. Uganda is one of the best places self-drive adventures are offered but prior setting off to any of the country’s national parks or reserves, be aware of what to do and not to do.

With the above at the back of your mind and Uganda National Parks and Game Reserves now open to all travelers, here is an ultimate guide to let your enjoy your self-drive in Uganda amidst COVID-19.

PCR Tests a must

All Uganda self-drive holidaymakers must have a Negative Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test certificate. This is significant if you are to have access Uganda. On arrival or before departure, you may also be required to test for COVID-19. Self-drive travelers who test positive of COVID-19 will be required to undergo quarantine in the designated areas at your cost. The PCR tests can be taken express and within 6 hours, the results can be ready or take non-express tests taking 12 to 24 hours.

SOPs to follow on self drive in Uganda

When government re-opened Entebbe airport and tourism activities resumed, a number of Standard Operating Procedures were set. The adopted SOPs are intended to limit the spread of corona virus. They are mandatory for everyone on self-drive in Uganda or driver guided trip to observe. They include;

  • Presenting a valid Negative PCR test certificate for corona virus upon arrival & at the entry of Uganda National Parks.
  • Mandatory body temperature screening across all the premises and screening at the parks is done at the entrance before you are let in.
  • Mandatory wearing of face masks not only for solo travelers on self-drive but those on driver guided safaris in Uganda.
  • Hand washing/sanitizing mandatory for everyone on self-drive at the park entry or other tourist sites.
  • Maintaining the physical distance of 2-4m, mandatory to all self-drive travelers on Uganda tour.


Most accommodation facilities have already re-opened but some have maintained the rates. Some of these are still struggling to meet the maintenance costs considering the low turn up of visitors. Others even take weeks without any visitors turning up and at times, not prepared given the long time of waiting. To avoid bumping into a facility that doesn’t meet your travel desires, we advise all our travelers on self-drive in Uganda to have their lodges or hotels booked early before setting off. Besides crafting exceptional self-drive tour package our experts also go further to reserve for you accommodation.

Fuel rates

The fuel rates in Uganda aren’t predictable and with the new tax imposed on on fuel, it is likely that some fuel stations will hike their rates. As you drive, you realize that each fuel station has its set price. In case you plan to go self-drive in Uganda, make sure you budget appropriately for fuel costs.

Rental car prices

The rates for rental cars in Uganda has slightly changed or have been maintained by most car hire companies. Considering the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, some car hire companies even provide discounts for rental cars. But, a fact that business hasn’t picked up, there is likelihood for companies to keep revising their car hire prices.

Getting there during covid-19

The convenient option for self-drive travelers to access their destination is by using Uganda car rental. Rental cars offer you privacy, freedom and safety on a road trip due less crowds unlike public transportation. Also, the rental cars in Uganda are capable of navigating through the terrains in the up country side-you can hire a comfortable 4×4 Land Cruiser or Super Custom among the many options.


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