Elgon Zone Farmers Advised to Grow More Coffee


Bugisu coffee farmers have been advised to make the best use of the fragmented farms by growing more Bugisu Arabica coffee that will fetch for them money in millions. The advice was given by the chairperson of Community Organised Farmers From Elgon Escarpment Arabica Coffee Uganda Programme (COFFEE A CUP), Mathias Nabutele while training hundreds of coffee farmers gathered at Bukhaweka Sub County headquarters in Manafwa district on Saturday.

He was teaching farmers how to make their own fertilizers out of cow-dung and other crops stalks so as to avoid wasting finances in buying the chemically processed manure that degrades the soil and also causes diseases to the farmers. Nabutele said the Bugisu Arabica coffee is a treasure in the international markets compared to other coffee produced in other countries.

COFFEE A CUP, an organization that was set in 2005 is aiming at supplying one million coffee seedlings to its farmers in the districts of Kapchorwa, Mbale, Sironko, Bududa, and Manafwa and its proprietors say, “the moment you have your crop, you are assured of ready market and we shall through this programme buy it at Ugshs10000 per kilogram so as to raise the standard of living among our communities that grow coffee in the Elgon zone.” Nabutele urged the farmers to form groups and benefit from the programme since its targeting thousands of farmers.


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