Abdu Mulasi’s Nalukwago Yuduya Divorced Over Leaked Secrets


If you don’t know the mighty Yudaya Nalukwago, then you are in another world.

To those hearing the name for the first time, she is a lady who makes the great river Nile appear like Kalahari desert, according to her peers.

It was revealed recently in the leaked screenshots, where musicians, particularly of ‘Kadongo Kamu’ like Abdu Mulaasi and Kazibwe Kapo of the ‘Sigwajajjawo’ fame are full of praises for her natural gifts.

Many have been quick to conclude that Yudaya could have been the person who inspired Abdu Mulaasi’s song, “Swimming Pool”.

The leaking of the screenshots earned Yudaya instant fame but this would later cost her the biggest day of her life; wedding.

Apparently after landing on the screenshots, where Yudaya is ready to give away some of her husband’s ‘property’, he called off their introduction which was scheduled to happen a few weeks from now.

It was later revealed that it’s not only Adbu Mulaasi and Kapo who have been shareholders in Yudaya before but it was rather a long list of popular men in Kampala.

Among those reported to have ever dated her include; Joel Isabirye, Mesach Semakula, Kinene Lumala Michael (Golden Band musician), DJ kikoofiira, Chris Evans, Basajja Mivule and Ssalongo Samona.


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