Afrigo Band Boss To Mediate Between Eddy Kenzo and Kasuku

Afrigo Band

The biggest news story world over on Thursday was lympic and Paralympic track star, Oscar Pistorius’ trial verdict. But hey, not in Uganda! Uganda had its own biggest story.

Uganda’s media Thursday was covered with news of Sitya Loss singer, Eddy Kenzo punching Dembe Fm presenter, Isaac Katende popularly known as Kasuku.

Since then, the fight has been the biggest talk on social media, up to now.

However, before issues get out of hand, there is some good news that has got at our desk. The two have been called by veteran singer and Afrigo Band founder, Moses Matovu to settle their differences.

The two warring personalities are expected to meet at Matovu’s home in Kibuli, today to air out their grievances.

And given the fact that Matovu has been in the entertainment industry for a period stretching to 40 years, Red Pepper Uganda believes they will be fruitful.

Kasuku, real name Isaac Katende, asked Kenzo to apologise to journalists, as they have been writing positively about him this whole year.

Eddy Kenzo Thursday lost his cool and showered Kasuku several punches, sending him to the ground and ran away from the venue after the act.

This all Kenzo said Uganda’s media was failing local musicians by giving them negative publicity.

However, Kasuku asked the musician and all the others to earn the positive publicity by behaving in a way that is worthy.

“If you deserve positive publicity, allegations about him being gay wouldn’t be existent at all. May you please clarify this to the public, whether you are gay or not?” Kasuku requested.

But before he could answer, Kasuku also asked him it was true that Kenzo paid radio deejays to stop playing singer Big Eye’s music, adding that the singer tried giving him money in 2011 so he could sabotage his protégé Big Eye’s music because the latter quit Kenzo’s Big Talent camp, and formed his own, Big Music.

At this point, got incensed and pounced at the journalist, swiftly knocking him down with several straight jabs to the face.

Kasuku had Friday morning opened up a case at Jinja Road Police station against the Stamina singer.


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