Chris Martin’s Kampala Show Attended By Empty Seats


With the rate at which music shows are flopping in Kampala, International artistes may soon stop coming into the country, that is if news about their colleague’s shows get to them.
The Hall as it looked shortly before Chris Martin took to Stage. In Set is Chris Martin Prior to his show

The first international artists to have a flopped show in Uganda, were Jaimaca’s performers; Dermaco and Wayne Wonder. It only attracted a handful of revellers.

And just days after Dermaco and Wayne Wonder’s debacle, another group of international artistes followed the same path.

The 1990’s Rn’B crooner, and UK based Ghanaian artist, ODG Fuse’s show in Kampala was also poorly attended that the former would ever wish to return to the country for a second time.

However, if we are to refer to the first shows as flops, then we may fail to come up with the right word to describe Jamaica Reggae artist, Chris Martin’s Friday show at Freedom City Mall.

The show is the worst attended concert ever held in Uganda by an international artist. There were less than 30 people who turned up in the spacious hall capable of accommodating thousands of people.

And to make matters worse, some of these had accessed the venue by use of complimentary tickets.

To avoid further embarrassment, the Cheater’s Prayer singer had no other option apart from performing in the hall where empty seats were more visible than the people.

Where as many may wonder why a show of such an artist with good songs like Paper Loving, No Retreat, Na na na would flop, the blame should mostly be put on the organisers.

There were no adverts about the show that were run prior to his coming.

There weren’t even the usual press conference usually held by International artists whenever they come into the country.

The artist also arrived Thursday night at 10pm that hardly people knew about his presence in the country.

The other show’s that have flopped include Jose Chameleone and Davido’s show at Cricket Oval. Judith Babirye’s show early this year at Serena Hotel also miserably flopped, with less than 30 fans attending.


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