Amaaso Still On, Manager Rolls Out KCCA Permit


With just hours to the show, news of KCCA’s canceling of Radio and Weasle’s Amaaso concert have spread across media platforms faster than bush fires.

However, one of the Duo’s manager, a one Kibirige has maintained that the show is on.

Shortly after news of the authority body halting the concert swept across social media, Kibirige took to his Facebook account, “the show is on, don’t get confused with rumours spreading false information.”

But seeing that this was not enough to convince the disappointed fans, he an hour later posted a permit that was obtained in February giving the show a green light.

According to the permit dated 19 February, among the conditions that the city authority body asked to be fulfilled for the show to take place were; the show not exceeding midnight, making sure vehicles are not parked on road pavements, paying of the neccessary revenue fees, depositing with the authority a refundable sum of Shs 5million among others.

However, the same authority came out friday to say the show had been stopped because the musicians had not secured a permit from the authority causing panic among fans who had bought themselves tickets to the show.

But this is not the first time musicians having problems with KCCA. It should be remembered that last year, Bobi Wine’s Akalimu almost survived taking off after the KCCA said they were afraid of dealing with the noise that was likely to come out from the venue.

Chameleon’s Tubonge Concert was not an exception either as KCCA stormed the venue where the show was to be held just hours to the main event requesting the artist to pay his taxes or risked the show being cancelled.

He was lucky and his show was held as expected but it was after impounding his monster car.

While for the above later on had their shows held as expected, GNL Zamba’s show completely failed and upto now fans don’t when it will be held, that’s if it is to take place.

The Amaaso concert is scheduled to be held at Hotel Africana and Pallaso, one of the singers who had a verse in the Amaaso song, that has rocked local airwaves for the past months jetted into the country last week.

However, they are likely to perform with their elder brother, DR Jose Chameleon who is away to Tanzania for his Tubonge shows.


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