Cotilda, Amooti Add Aroma to Crackers Show


Despite growing competition from comedy groups that are forming up day in, day out, The Crackers has still maintained itself as the best comical outfit in the country.

Short of its dad, Salvador who is always in and out of the country, its brothers and sisters who left home, the group has managed to keep up their standards thanks to creative members.

Instead of recruiting new members to replace those that left, the Theater La Bonita based group opted to come with guest performers and it is indeed paying off.

Last Wednesday, during their comedy night they named The Haha Wednesday saw Amarula star Amooti Omubalanguzi and lady comedian Cotilda among others as guest performers.

These with their jokes put up a laughter filled show.

The comedians seems to have learn a lot from the public criticisms over being to vulgar. Such jokes were not heard of this time round.

Amooti as usual stuck to his luganda but was very impressive this time round.

“The rate at which people are buying bananas to join the “say no to racism” campaign is amazing! Time for making some money, I am planting bananas tomorrow,” joked the comedian about what people globally are doing in reaction to an Barcelona player, Dani Alves incident.

Cotilda, spotting a semi-bald head was impressive too with her work.

“I salute all men who first smell on several pairs of stocks before they choose the one to put on. Thanks for promoting carbon cancer infections!”

The other performers at the show were before the show closed at 11pm before selfstyled seven star DJ, Roger spinned revelers for over 30 minutes.


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