Anita Fabiola Apparently Staying in Meddie Ssentongo’s House


The mystery tale of the new Ugandan celebrity couple who fans are calling Fabitongo keeps piling up day by day and each day starts with a new surprise. Sources can clearly confirm that Meddie and Fabiola are currently cohabiting.

Anita Fabiola has been seen numerous times leaving Meddie’s home especially during morning hours and this clearly portrays the love birds are staying together.

They almost hangout everyday and snoops are left wondering how Fabiola who is currently going to her third year at Makerere University balances her studies, work at Capital Fm and her recent partying lifestyle.

However, to a surprise the latest rumor has it that the 21 year old Capital Fm presenter could have conceived for Meddie as her close friends have noticed a very big change in her current lifestyle and mood though the rumor remains unconfirmed.


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