Zari Gifts Diamond Platinumz with a Lamborghini


Zari hassan just shocked the media once again after sharing a photograph of a grey Lamborghini that she recently purchased for her hubby Diamond Platinumz though the story also has a side two. If you thought she is in the relationship for money then you are probably wrong, she appears to be the one who has turned out to spending a lot of cash on her man.

We can confirm that the Lamborghini cost more than $150,000 amounting to approximately 450,000,000 Uganda shillings. Diamondz shared the photo on his fan-page and captioned it with a couple of words thanking Zari and letting her know the ride already arrived.

Meanwhile, the couple last month (May 1st 2015) made billions of shillings from the all-white party that scooped over 20 premium sponsors and turned out to be one of the biggest celebrity parties Tanzania has ever held in history.

All the money made was wired to Zari’s account hence, showing no surprise as to why she couldn’t afford a Lamborghini. She has driven a couple in the past but they happened to be for her ex-hubby Ivan Ssemwanga.

The side two of the story has it that the car belongs to Katsha De Bank and Zari might have gotten the car for Diamond Platinumz for shooting a new video. Zari had the following to say about the ride earlier on: “Many thanks to ma bro Katsha the king of rides, for making it happen, Ma boo couldn’t stop thanking me I guess it’s always good to have a gal who’s got ya back…. thanks once again. Watch the space #NewVideoTingz!!!!!”. However, it also appears that Katsha must have helped the couple buy the ride through his connections because it appears to be so unrealistic for Diamond Platinumz to borrow a ride for a video shoot despite all the money he has.


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