Dirty Shocking Secrets About Winnie Nwagi’s Past Leak


Winnie Nwagi has just been exposed to the public. A lot of sensitive information about her past have surfaced to the limelight and she could be bound for worse if her nudies leak to the public as threatened by, Ray Supasta (Facebook) the gentleman behind the drama.

He reveals the true Winnie Nwagi is ill mannered, a drunkard who drinks and even wets her clothes which she still does up to now. Ray claims Nwagi engages in sexual activities for money and formerly worked at Panamera.

“Winnie up to now still sells her body to some of the guys whose names I managed to know about, but I opt not to disclose them now. She is a former pr*stitute at Panamera. She had a crew of fellow pr*stitutes and they used to call themselves “PANA-MARDERERS”. Stand in front of her and call her PANA-MARDERER, u will see the look she will give you. She will know you know her so well,” he said.

The spark of the drama was Nwagi’s verbal exchange with Ray. The gentleman claims Nwagi stormed his place and abused him. He has promised to post more dirty secrets about the singer or even leak her nudies to the public. See some of the photographs that were leaked below.


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