Fans Defy Rumours, Radio and Weazle Amaaso A Success


Radio and Weazle Amaaso album launch turnout out a success with hundreds of fans attending.

The show overcame earlier reports of its being stopped that had caused panic and loss of interest among others. But this did was later forgotten as fans filled up the whole of Hotel Africana parking space.

After starting the draws buy the main sponsors of the event, Airtel, that saw several people from the audience win thousands of money.

The awaited show finally kick started at 10pm with David Lutalo being the first performer at the show. After performing a couple of songs, the Kadongokamu who has of late been rumoured to have replaced Radio in Goodlyf after they sang Helena, a song he didn’t even sing.

However, before he left, he couldn’t miss to leave space for creating more speculation when he told the crowd, “thank you for supporting us”.

Bebe Cool after a long period of time without performing on a goodlyf organised even, was the third musician to perform thanks to their reconciliation last year.

He took the back to the good old times by opening up with Fire Burn Dem a duet he did with Dizzy Nuts in 2007. He also performed his latest songs like Nyonyi Nkeze and Nkola Byafaayo, a song he dedicated Radio and Weazle. Within a space of less than four minutes, he was off stage.

Bobi Wine performed over three songs however, as usual, he couldn’t leave stage without hitting at his nemesis, Bebe Cool. He sang his diss-filled song of Size Yo sending revellers wild.

Shortly after the half past 10pm, the long awaited event came with Radio and Weasle steeping on stage.

Donning black T-shirts, the singers in a silvered cage were ushered onto stage by a crane amid ululations and wild screams from the fans.

They were singing Gwe Mukama, a song that praises God for the Good he has done for them.

This was followed with minute to minute songs and by the time they left stage for a break, they had sang songs like the hit that brought them to fame, Nakudata, Lwaki Onumya, Nyumbani, Kuku, Bread and Butter, Nyambura, Ngenda mu Maso, Heart Attack among others.

Pallaso took over as his brother, Weasle and Radio had a rest before coming back and summing up the show with fitting, Desire Luzinda, Magnetic, Ntunga Ntunga and their lead single off the Album being launched, Amaaso.

Meanwhile Chameleon was absent at the show as he was performing in Tanzania but his wife, Daniella Atim attended.


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