Gravity Omutujju was Mistaken by KCCA


First things first; Ugandan artistes have to brand themselves, set the trend and set a price that is a high for better bargaining power. Singer Eddy Kenzo and Chameleone have set their brand and it is recognized internationally. This also comes with a high bargaining power because event promoters do a background check before booking an artiste for an event. In the check, they get to know how expensive the artiste is regardless of their own country artistes.

When Chameleone and Eddy Kenzo are performing in Uganda, there price is high; higher than even Gravity or even thrice higher than what he earns for the same event.

If the KCCA budget wasn’t leaked on social media, would anyone be making noise mbu nio nio nio… Chameleone, Bebe Cool, Radio and Weasel were wise and pulled out. Gravity stayed put. He waited to pocket the share of the Shs20m meant for Ugandan artistes.

There was a budget of Shs40m for media but there is no Journalist complaining and no one was paid.

Well, I like Gravity but if I would ask him; how much did he want for himself or how much did he want KCCA to pay Diamond Platinumz? Did anyone know how much Tekno and Mr Eazi were paid? If Gravity knew, would he have made noise in his coarse voice?

Well in his statement at Kololo, he said KCCA was spending much on a foreign artist. He continued and said that the money would have been used on our own big artistes but KCCA had a plan. All those artistes were meant to perform on one big stage at carnival.

Gravity said he filled Cricket Oval and Platinumz wouldn’t and that he failed to fill Kololo Airstrip

Someone Tag Gravity, we all know almost ‘everyone’ was given a free ticket to the event and thank God it was not an eventful weekend and the tickets were returned.. You filled Oval fine, but you didn’t make even the money KCCA paid you on Friday.

Ugandan artistes, let’s not rant and establish our brands, they will be respected worldwide and paid highly.


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