Hit After Hit Changes Leaves Chameleon’s ‘legend’ in Disarray

Dr Jose Chameleon

You can’t mention Uganda’s music industry without the name Chameleone popping up. It is said he is fully responsible for chasing away Congolese music from Uganda after it had dominated the Ugandan industry. Artistes like Tshala Mwana, Alusi Mabele, Madilu System and Pepe Kale were reaping from Uganda frequently, having endless concerts.

After a short spell with Bebe Cool in Kenya, Chameleone decided to return home and do what most artistes had failed to do. Take back the industry where it belongs. He was successful such that people started embracing their own and that is when other artistes started taking music as a career. Bebe Cool returned, and artistes like Kid Fox, Viboyo and Perfect Generation started making a name for themselves.

Chameleone’s act was simply awesome as he steadily became a force to reckon with in Uganda’s entertainment industry. Many wanted to be like him thanks to songs like Mama Mia, Dorotia and Jamila to mention a few. His blend of Swahili, English and Luganda made him loved not only in Uganda but in East Africa and beyond.

After over 15 years in the game, Chameleone has decided to have a concert that perhaps will be about his musical journey. He has named it “Hit after hit” concert and it’s going to be held at a place that only a few Ugandan artistes as well as international ones wish to perform at, which is the Cricket Oval at Lugogo. It is only acts like UB40, Neyo, R Kelly, P-Square and Akon that filled the grounds among all the artistes who have performed there. It has a capacity of over 10,000 but Chameleone is determined to pull it off.

He never had a concert last year following his involvement in Tubonga Nawe, a campaign that saw 12 musicians giving their support to President Museveni in last year’s presidential campaigns. He was among those that were blacklisted by the public and perhaps that is why he did not have one. But having had a concert every year, his loyal fans were likely disappointed. He might be trying to make up for that but already, this highly anticipated concert has issues even before it happens.

So far, the dates have been changed four times. The first date that was announced was May 19th but after about a month, communication went around that the dates had shifted to the May 26th. Hardly a month later, we were told that the concert was shifted back to May 19th. And now a week ago, it was announced once again that final date (hopefully) is the June 30th.

This confusion has already been too much with only one explanation. It is said that on the May 19th, there will be an international cricket tournament at the same venue and that Chameleone and his camp were not warned in time thus looking for a new date.

So come June 30th, he will be at the Cricket Oval. We hope we will witness something that we haven’t seen before from Chameleone. Something that will leave a lasting impression. Something that will further cement him as a legend in Uganda’s music history and something that will make us forget these numerous date changes.


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