Juzza Internet Promotion Will Run For A Period Of 3 Months


MTN Uganda recently announced the return of the “Juzza Internet” promotion, under which customers are instantly rewarded with a bonus for the data bundles loaded.

What’s new this time is that bundles as low as 50MBs will be rewarded. “Juzza Internet” has been re-introduced to reward customers for using MTN Internet bundles and make it easier and more affordable for them to enjoy the benefits of the internet, foe longer and better.

“We recognize the importance the Internet plays in people’s lives and as such, it is our goal to enable as many new connections as possible. Juzza Internet is yet another step towards realizing this goal,” said Mapula Bodibe.

On the strength of a higher demand for reliable and affordable data realized in the previous edition of the promotion, we have re-introduced the promotion with a lower entry criteria to allow more customershave continued access to the internet.

The Juzza Internet promotion offers customers great value and rewards them for their usage.

Commenting on the re-launched Juzza Internet promo, the MTN Uganda Chief Marketing Officer Ms. Mapula Bodibe said, “We know that our customers want value for money and with this promotion, we will enable our customers to enjoy a significant discount in the costs of their data whilst doing more of the things they like to do on the Internet.”

“I encourage customers to go ahead buy MTN data bundles and dial *150*3*1# to join Juzza, because more MBs means more Facebook, more WhatsApp, more surfing and more Internet on their MTN SIM card”, concluded Ms. Mapula.

Juzza Internet is one of the ways through which MTN is demonstrating its commitment to the delivery of a Bold, New Digital World by creating new opportunities for trial plus increased use and penetration of Internet services in Uganda.

MTN Uganda, through these efforts, aims to continue to extend Internet access to the majority of Ugandans who still don’t have access to the Internet. MTN’s effort to get Ugandan’s on to the Internet is demonstrated by aggressive investment in what is the largest 3G and 4G networks in Uganda, the introduction of a wide and affordable bundle portfolio, affordable data enabled devices and now this exciting Juzza Internet promotion.

Facts about the “Juzza Internet” promotion.

  1. Customers who load bundles as low as 50MB or more will be automatically rewarded with a bonus i.e.
    • 50MBs get the customer a 20% bonus,
    • 100MBs get the customer a 50% bonus and,
    • All bundles above 100MBs will receive 100% bonus.
  2. To enter the Juzza Internet promotion, the customer dials *150*3*1#
  3. Customers can continue loading bundles the normal way i.e. using their airtime vouchers, Mobile Money balances and other electronics platforms like Payway
  4. What is the validity of the bonus data? All daily bundles bonus expires at midnight of the same day while weekly and monthly bundles bonus will last the same as the loaded bundle. The usual balance check (*131#) mechanic will indicate the customers’ data balance.
  5. Postpaid customers who load data bundles using either airtime vouchers or MTN Mobile Money will also benefit from the Juzza Internet promotion.
  6. If a customer wants to opt out of the promotion, they dial *150*3*2#
  7. The promotion will run for a period of 3 months
  8. And owing to a systems upgrade, MTN customers using MTN data services will now be enabled to do more with their data i.e. MTN data bundles can now be used for longer subject to expiry period.
  9. Customers who activate 10MBs, 20MBs, 25MB monthly, all Data Tooti bundles, happy hour, WTF (Social Media bundles), NightShift and quarterly Data bundles will not benefit from this promotion.
  10. Bonus data under the Juzza Internet promotion cannot be shared.


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