Jose Chameleon Bans Journalists from his home!

Jose Chameleon

Troubled singer, self proclaimed doctor atagenda has passed a stun warning to different journalists to keep them selves very far away from his gate, let alone his compound. The singer accused the media of misquoting him in most cases.

Chameleon, who has been common in the news after a one Karamagi, who is said to be a family friend to the Mayanja family allegedly torched him self in the singer’s compound for unknown reasons.

In his version of the story, Jose Chameleon stated on facebook that Karamagi had sought pass to his house with the intention of harming his family, but when they called the police, the fella instantly bathed him self with the same petrol that he intended to use on Jose’s family and torched him self. Well I guess I quote him right here!

However, several versions have come up about this story which might have prompted the doctor to ban all forms of media personnel to his home. This ban cuts across all media forms, talk of print, broadcast, among others.


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