Kidum Thrills Fans at Blankets And Wine


Having witnessed the heavy down pour on Sunday afternoon, Kampala revelers were not scared off because as soon as the rain calmed down, many set off to the Uganda Museum for Blankets and Wine to witness Kidum’s thrilling performance.

The picnic event which was scheduled to kick off at 1pm was somehow affected by the heavy rains that only calmed down after one hour sending Afro-fusion music lovers on their feet to enjoy the much anticipated for performances from Burundi’s Kidum, Rapper Navio and the famous Janzi band.

At about 2:30pm despite the few drizzles, revelers strolled in couple by couple and by 4pm, the museum grounds were all covered by picnic mates and chairs as fans got excited by Janzi band as they sang “I am Ugandan” among other songs as the crowd cheered them.

Rapper Navio also got the crowd on their feet when he took to the stage singing club bangers like Ngalo, Boss Vawo, plus two of his latest Leka Kwenyumiriza and Trouble.

And finally on stage was the main performer of the event, Kidum from Burundi. Kidum together with his band consisting of one drummist, a percussionist and two vocalists thrilled fans with many of his song of which among them was a song he sang with Uganda’s Juliana ‘Haturudi Nyuma’.

Kidum’s performance was so interactive as the crowd joined him in singing and dancing to some of his kiryarwanda moves.

Blankets and Wine episode four sponsored by Tusker Lite but organised by House of DJs & Dash Events.


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