Life of Bebe Cool: Bebe Cool’s concert is on Today

Bebe Cool aka Moses Ssali

After nearly 8 months of preparation, Bebe Cool is finally holding his annual concert (Life of Bebe Cool concert) today at Kampala Serena Hotel. The singer anticipates his concert to be the biggest of the year which might indeed be true basing on the preparations.

“Its all happening tonight at Kampala Serena Hotel. Life of Bebe cool concert! come and be part of the biggest concert of 2016. Don’t dare miss.

Tickets are available at Kampala Serena hotel Victoria hall reception. Come and we rock tonight. Love you everyday,” he said.

Bebe Cool promises a better concert this year and claims to have a couple of surprises in the queue as well. All his previous concerts have met expectations or exceeded it and so looks to be the Life of Bebe Cool concert.

Unfortunately, the tables are all booked but Gold and Platinum tickets are available at Kampala Serena Hotel reception.



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