Sharon O, Roni Mulindwa Respond to Zari’s Accusations


Sharon O and Roni Mulindwa have come out to speak about Zari the boss lady’s accusations that the BBA Amplified star snatched Ivan Semwanga, the father to Zari’s three sons.

According to Zari’s Facebook post, she accuses Sharon O of snatching his man, Ivan Semwanga of who she claims they separated a year ago. According to socialites, it’s even hardly two months since Zari and Ivan have graced all the posh parties around town, not forgetting their own boat cruise where they got steamy with each other, kissing and romancing in public.

The Big question from many is, “Is this one of Zari’s publicity stunts?”

Going back to Roni and Sharon O

It’s true Sharon O and Roni Mulindwa have been on and off ever since she came back from BBA. Sharon O confrimed her status with the father of her son Roni by her tweet immediately after Zari’s accusing Facebook post;

Sometimes when things are falling apart they may actually be falling into place..

— SHARON O. (@realSHARONO) June 19, 2013

Poor Roni got the most sympathy from his fans who said he really did have to get involved in this cat fight between Zari and Sharon O as he posted this on his Facebook wall;

My intellect, my integrity,my loyalty, my devotion,my love, my care, my patience, my guidance through the years, my understanding and support can and will never be doubted nor questioned all has been availed without holding back.We can only be judged by our actions. Good luck!

The drama continues so watch the space


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