Stylist Brian Ahumuza of Abryanz Legacy recognized by CNN

Brian Ahumuza

Uganda’s fashion icon and main brain behind the Abryanz Legacy, Brian Ahumuza was recently recognized by Cable News Network (CNN) on their African Voices show as one of the best Fashionistas in the African continent.

CNN African Voices highlights the continent’s most dazzling trendsetters who create their own subcultures in areas such as travel, fashion, art, music, technology and architecture.
In the interview, the stylist talks about his journey and success in building and maintaining his fashion legacythat currently runs in two trademarks: Abryanz Collections and Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards.

Abryanz Collection is an urban fashion store. The store deals with artistes, musicians, TV personalities and Media agencies regarding fashion and grooming. They dress celebrities and musicians for events and music videos; dress up models for TV and billboard advertising campaigns and cater for up class urban youth fashion. The store deals in urban clothing, shoes, accessories bags perfumes and fragrances. The collection is hip and urban catering for funky people who are in the spot light.


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