Here Are Uganda’s Female Musicians Left With Only Nudity To Offer

Desire Luzinda

Making it to the top in Uganda’s music industry seems to be as easy as playing against Togo or Chelsea.

However, staying at the top takes a real women and men. Several musicians were once to at the top but at the moment their names are forgotten as change in Uganda’s leadership.
Below we take you through those that have gone as far as getting nude so as to get back where they once belonged.

Pretty Glo

First on the list is struggling Ugandan/Rwandan wannabe musician and designer, Pretty Glo. Though she has never been to the top, Glo was one of the most promising talent a few years back.

But that was then. At the moment, she has gone as far as ripping off her clothes if that’s what it took to get her fame.

A few weeks back she uploaded her nude photos on her social media accounts notably Instagram, where her boobs were left bare for all to see.
But surprisingly all of the pics were totally ignored by the public.
She out of shame came out and apologized two days later, saying her accounts had been hacked. The irony is, that still similar pics are being posted on her accounts. If all you wanted was our attention,then you have it!

Brenda Nambi

Next on the list would be former musician-cum-designer, Brenda Nambi.
Formerly a dancer with the Obsessions dance group, Brenda had a good time with the group in the mid 2000’s, releasing a couple of hits like ‘Wekume’ and ‘Jangu’.

Together with Helen Lukoma, the two later broke away from the Obsessions to form their own group, HB Toxic.

HB Toxic enjoyed partial success before suffering a complete death.

Brenda ventured into fashion but things still failed to workout. Last year saw her nudes and sextape land into public hands and surprisingly, it was around the same period that she embarked on the promotion of a couple of songs, all of which phased out with her nudes.

To follow on the list is her former singing partner-cum-struggling model and actor.

Since the end of HB Toxic, things are not going on well for Lukoma.
The only thing coming from her lately are her nudes that she always post on her social media.

Her nudes are as endless as a dog’s ‘boobs’ that men have literally turned her accounts into porn sites. They always they check them out for optical nutrition.

Cindy Sanyu

Once revered as the biggest female musician in the country, Cindy has in the recent past struggled to get back to where she belonged.
From controversial separation from her white boo to releasing her nudes, then snatching someone’s husband.
At the moment she seems to be obsessed with nudity that she can hardly release a video without serving her fans some…..!

Desire Luzinda

Desire Luzinda will seal our list for today. With some hits registered to her name, many at one time believed she was the next big musician in the entertainment industry. But they were wrong!
She has in the past years served the public with more of her flesh than music.

Her nudity reached its peak last year when a couple of her nude pictures landed into public hands.

Perhaps she had hoped to capitalise on the saga to raise to the top but all compositions praising the pictures suffered a quick death,only compared to that of Ebola.
But the musician, who appears to take pride in showing off her flesh advises those hurt by her nakedness to “get a rope….”.


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