Uganda Waragi Spices Up All White Party


On Sunday July 2, 2017, the Aero Beach in Entebbe was a beehive of activity as revelers, clad in white attire thronged the lakeside venue.

The event; All White Singles Beach Party, and hosted by DJ Nimrod of Galaxy FM and Club Amnesia aims at bringing youth together to not only enjoy great music but also an excuse to stay away from the busy Kampala life.

“This is a color themed party where fans dress up in white to mingle and enjoy cool vibes. This party is for the youth and is also aimed at creating awareness on key life issues such as responsible behavior,” explained Nimrod.

As early as midday, revelers had taken up strategic positions next to the stage whilst sipping away at insanely discounted Uganda Waragi cocktails and bottles.

Uganda Waragi, a sponsor of the color themed party spiced up the event even further by giving away free cocktails and mixers to revelers who purchased bottles.It was not difficult to see why many revelers pitched camp at the Uganda Waragi stall to grab a bottle or cocktail of Uganda’s finest spirit.

Staying true to Uganda Waragi’s slogan; ‘Different people, one spirit,’ revelers from their unique outfits gave the event an interesting look and feel. The party proved that Ugandans love to add an aspect of fun to whatever it is that they are engaged in.

Spin masters from the DJ Association of Uganda as well as artistes such as Gravity Omutujju, Aziz Azion, Minayo, FefeBusi among others entertained the revelers till late.


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