Winnie Nwagi’s Nudes Could Leak Anytime


Getting in the limelight comes with a lot of costs especially if you have a past you are not proud of. Winnie Nwagi is currently going through the same and the worst may happen to her anytime soon when her exrated photographs leak to the public.

A bunch of photographs of Nwagi during her campus days were leaked to the public recently and they prove the singer’s lifestyle wasn’t the best. The person behind the photographs, Ray Supasta (Facebook Handle) further claims to have the singer’s nudies and has threatened to leak them any time.

We have come to learn that Nwagi had a disagreement with Ray which appears to be the cause of all the drama. Ray claims Winnie Nwagi stormed into his place yesterday night and abused him.

In retaliation, the gentleman vowed to remind her a few things in her life that she seems to be forgetting as she tries to act like a Hollywood star towards her fans. He posted a few photographs of the singer to prove he knows a lot bad about her.


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