Are You Living a Miserable Life? 16 ways to be happy


Happiness and content are in my view the best indicators of a successful life. However, it is very hard to achieve the same at a go, in fact harder to achieve content any way. But surely, some of these could help us get closer to both happiness and content, today delete misery from your docket by trying out the following.

1. Treat life less seriously

The most serious people on social media and in life will deem this the worst advice that can ever come from a ‘serious’ writer. But allow me borrow something from aunt acid: Do not take life so serious like you are going to get out of it alive. The most serious people are the most hurt in both serious and less serious circumstances. A friend of mine recently went on a rampage attack, in boxed a number of abusive messages on whatsapp to someone who refused to answer him, two days later, the person replied with the smiling emoji. He is still angry and miserable till today.

2. Boost your self-esteem

Identify what you’re good at and do it. Self-esteem is linked to happiness and surveys show the feeling of success is one of the commonest sources of joy.

3. Pick your friends wisely

People with a circle of supportive friends are likelier to have healthier blood pressure, cholesterol levels and stress hormone levels than those with ‘nagging’ friends. Each of us has that friend whose phone call sends your mind thinking: “oba what does carol want this time?” Those friends who will call you to tell you they are coming home and you start creating a clan of reasons and excuses. Have friends that will give you pleasure to catch up with, those that after meeting you will text back and say:”So when do we meet again?”

4. Count your blessings

Focus on what you have got, not what you’re missing. A study at University of California found that people who took the time to count their blessings once a week boosted their mood and improved their health and energy levels. And it relieved pain and fatigue, too.

Just like the old saying, a bird in the hand in worth more than two in the bush.

5. Do not search for pity

There are a number of things that happen in our lives and we feel that the whole world should stop and pity us. For example, you have been just robbed clean of your wallet with all your documents; driving permit, medical, shopping card, identity, including the very hard to get National ID and you tuck in bed and answer whoever cares to listen- Kale all my things have been stolen.  There is no market for sorrow, because there are no buyers anyway. While we are busy sobbing and mourning or moaning, some people not far away from us have just hit a jack pot. Get up be positive and work towards a happy day.

6. Spend some money on yourself

The best moments in life are those when you are able to finally have in your hands something you have always wanted. Once in a while when you have the money, spend it on your self, however much money it is. Money spent on your self should not hurt and remember that you can never make others happy unless you are happy yourself. A lawyer friend of mine will never buy you something he has never bought for him self, he will never take you for lunch, breakfast or dinner where he has never been. I like that character for it gives you confidence and makes you happy with your self. Why would you spend shs 100,000 to make someone happy and leave you sad?!!

7. Get enough sleep

Few of us get enough sleep and that makes us grumpy. Sleeping enough has some kind of latent effect to how we behave during the rest of the day. A person who sleeps less than they wanted to sleep will have a sad and miserable day than the person who woke up before their alarm because they were done with sleep. This has totally nothing to do with what time you get in bed, but it would also matter at times

8. Sing in the shower

I do not sing in the shower, i set up a stage and perform. First thing i do when i wake up, i switch on my woofers to maximum volume, tune to my best songs and whichever song comes up, i perform while i take my shower- and i think the crowd loves it ( I mean the moves i pull of in the At that very moment the happiness and content you will feel will be (allow me use this word) bloody.

Music activates parts of the brain that produce happiness, the same parts activated by sex and food. So in the morning tune the radio to your favorite station and sing along.

9. Visit a quiet place or your energy station

Every one should have a hide out, those places we go to to talk to the wind. Those places we go to to “refuel”. Where we go to collect more energy when the one we had has vanished.

Museums, parks, libraries and places of worship provide islands of peace in a frantic world. Find a quiet place near your home and make it your secret hideaway.

10. Have a good cry

Bottling up emotions can lead to a build-up of suppressed anxiety and anger. Let your emotion come out when you’re upset and have a good cry but do not forget, no one wants to buy your sorrow.

11. Change your thinking

People who survive a terminal illness, accident or witness a tragedy have a different perspective on life. Many say that they no longer leave anything until later. They travel now, learn a new skill now, contact an old friend the same day the thought pops into their head.

Follow their lead – try living for today and not tomorrow.

12. Watch a nice movie

You have possibly watched movies that make you feel like you want to get out of your cinema area and go straight and practice. Those movies that will give you the “Golola Moses energy.” Today watch a good inspirational movie. You will be happy and content with yourself.

13. Don’t chase those not interested

This is easier said than done, but honestly if you are living on the chasing end, you will never be happy. Today choose to stop chasing those that are not interested. If you have a friendship where it is you who always has to initiate a chat or a call….delete the idiot (sorry the friend). Sit and also wait to be chased after, get the feeling that your are wanted too- I envy whoever has started this already.

14. Do not complain, just fix it

We spend a lot of time getting disappointed and frustrated by things some of which we can never fix. For example the internet is off and you are not the IT personnel, why get frustrated? If its beyond you, then leave it, find other sources of happiness, may be listen to music, walk out and go chat with a colleague.

The only things that should bother you are those that you can fix (And why would they bother you anyway if you can fix them?). Those that you can not fix, let them be and be happy.

15. Forgive everyone and anything

Yesterday, the Daily Monitor ran an article witch a question: What would you do if you caught them pants down?…haaaaaaaaa the answers..but one caught my eye. Someone said: “I would beat both of them so that they learn that its bad to cheat and it would help me cool down my anger”……..This guy imagined that his partner would cheat on him with a child i guess.. Imagine finding your partner with someone who will even beat you!!.

I choose to forgive everything, forgive everyone, because then, you will have turned the pressure from you to them and trust me, you will be happy with how uneasy the person you have forgiven will look when they come close to you. I can not substantiate this, but do it today the results are very nice…after all you should not treat life seriously like you going to get out of it alive. These are earthly things.

Bonus: Do Not support Arsenal

16. Share this article

Lastly, make me angry by sharing this article, you will see how it feels


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