The Difference Between Panty hoses, Tights, Stockings, Hold Ups And Leggings


As I was pondering about this topic after seeing how many ladies were misusing these women undergarments, I decided to show this.

There is a difference between Leggings or Jeggings, tights, pantyhose, stockings and hold ups.

Let’s begin with Panty hoses;
These are the thinnest of all the other undergarments. They are too transparent you can think the lady is bare skin. They tend to fit properly on the skins and are sheer.  They are mostly worn by professional women under dresses and skirts to offices. They are made in various colors but thin black see through is most dominate one and contain a great amount of spandex.

Pantyhose tend to present a more elegant and polished look from tights or even leggings. And these are undergarments, it is must as per designer that dresses or skirts  should go on top of them.

Then the famous Tights;

These tend to be mistaken for pantyhose because they almost have the same feel but actually totally different. They are a little transparent and thicker than pantyhose. These are warm and also going under dresses and skirts though some women like me if it gets cold I wear them under my trousers sometimes. Tights are still not leggings they are transparent and not designed for wearing alone but with a top under a dress, skirt.

Now the famous Hold up;

Hold Ups are stockings that can be worn with or without suspenders. Hold Ups, unlike stockings come in a wide variety of textures, materials and patterns. They are usually made from nylon or a Lycra blend. They are both sexy and functional for daily wear but still under a dress or skirt except if you are a showgirl. They are more comfortable than tights.

So Stockings;

Now what you should know is that all the above mentioned are under the category of stocking for many and that is a misconception. These are most thigh high nylon or silk stockings worn with a Garter or garter belt  These can even go a few steps further and become fully fashioned. Which are by far the most beautiful and classic. These inspire confidence and sexiness in a lady.

Finally what disturbs most of my guy friends Leggings/Jeggings;

These are undergarment, under tights but are more fitting as trousers thus can be worn without a skirt or dress on them.  They mainly extend from the waist to the ankles; and are  made from Lycra, nylon, cotton, wool, silk, cotton-polyester blend and other synthetic fabrics. Jeggings are thick and warm enough to be worn as alone pants thus are not designed to be transparent as the rest of the other undergarments. Though some people like me wear them in dresses and skirts other wear them for the purpose they were made for.

Hope from this lesson you have learnt something new about women undergarments and your conflict with jeggings/leggings and stockings is sorted.


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