The Sizzling Taste Of Luxury And Class


A few months ago, I happened to attend a classy exclusive gathering in Muyenga. It was the baptism ceremony of the grandson of one of Kampala’s business moguls.

The residence was a replica of one of those I usually see in Hollywood blockbusters. It was equipped with an overflowing pool and an infinity edge pool. The gardening was reminiscent of the Caribbean’s. The trees in the compound gave an addictive aroma.

We couldn’t get into the interior, all people could do was take a glance through the windows, not minding the fact that the CCTV cameras could see them. Being caught peeping was a small price to pay in comparison to the over flow of beautiful emotions that struck the body at a glance of the interior.

The whole residence was under the control of a state of the Art Kramer control system. The gate, the curtains, the lights, the air conditioners, the security system to mention but a few were all at his fingertips. Using his Tablet, he was controlling all these and could even do house surveillance from it.

I could see TOA weather proof speakers fitted around the pool, so he didn’t even hire a public address system, they did the trick. The M.C was using a wearable microphone, a small black structure on his shirt and the ground breaker was the projector. It allowed any of the guests to login with their mobile phone or laptop wirelessly from where they were in the event and show us some pictures they had of the host family from the past. It was a beautiful nostalgic and rare add to the event for it allowed different people to take part.

I did some asking around and I have strong reason to suspect that this high tech control and sound system was set up by a firm called PRO AV (Technet E.A solutions) run by an audio visual expert from Israel that happens to be in Uganda at the moment. This house made me accept that indeed Israelites are genius. Any one setting up a dream residence or a commercial hub should hunt down this firm. I know I definitely will in the near future.

However it wasn’t the house that inspired me to write, but rather it was one of the accompaniments of the meal. It was an extensive self-service buffet with all sorts of meat and vegetables. There was Pork, chicken;Mutton, shrimp to mention but a few and the host insisted that we all took it with KIM’S natural chilly.

Now being a man that has hated chilly all my life, I obviously objected until I started to hear people murmur about it, and of course being an African, I took the risk too. All I can say now is that every home of any individual that attended this event is stocked with KIM’Schilly.

This chilly was simply spicy and hot but much more addictive than any drug or drink out there, and yet chilly comes with a lump sum of health benefits.

The taste of the chilly was balanced. I could taste a variety of ingredients but none was dominant.It is what I can describe as the classic blend of flavors. It had a beautiful ratio and was consistent. It wasn’t dry, it wasn’t watery, it wasn’t greasy, it wasn’t lumpy. None of those was dominant over the other. It was simply good chilly.

It had an aroma, that activated the human taste buds and got the digestion system on go. The aroma I believe could make bad food taste good. The aroma also enabled us enjoy the buffet. It was also equipped with an appetizing look. I have many times encountered unattractive chilly, but if someone gave you a bowl of KIM’Schilly, trust me, you would be tempted to touch.

Bite in terms of chilly is the aftertaste created after eating chilly. Many chilies I have eaten have left me longing for a glass of water or a drink to clear my throat of the after taste, theKIM’S chilly after taste is one that has made me long for my dinner every day as I head home after a day in the office. In fact very soon, I should stock the office with a few bottles.

KIM’Schilly has added taste and flavor to my everyday meal. I was also shocked to find it in supermarkets around and out of town. I thought it was a delicacy that was imported and could only be afforded by wealthy business moguls, but to the contrary KIM’S chilly is grown from our very own Ugandan gardens and is affordable.

KIM’S chilly has made my meal time spicy hot. I do not know about you but I believe spicy hot meal times are the way to go.


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