The Thing With Big Booties and Curvy Bodies


A big booty is one body feature that markets anybody shape irrespective of how the face looks like. A curvy bootylicious body is a source of prestige, pleasure, and comfort. It is one thing that may keep a man. Men are physical beings. It is said that men in an intellectual debate will not resist turning to look at a curvy woman.

There is an obsession with big butties and curvy body shapes world over. This is evident in music videos and commercial adverts. A Local Ugandan musician currently appears in a TV food supplement advert that allegedly boosts body curves. She alleges that her curved body came as a result using the supplement.

She goes ahead to show off her hips and bum to men in the commercial. The African culture treasures plus size women. Some think it is a sign she is being taken well care of by the man. There is a place for women with big hips and a butt in any African setting. This is also confirmed with the traditional attire called a Gomesi.A woman must wear it with a list of other garments inside to create an artificial weight gain.

Bootylicious bodies are like worship songs during foreplay to those who are married. Big hips and buttocks act like the national emblem of romance. It has hidden secrets like the #Amama2016 video. Big botties are just like magnets that will attract attention from anywhere at any time. It is the reason people go to the extremes of surgically adding curves to their bodies. Artificial ways of getting curvy looks sometimes become life threatening. A BET network TV host Kelly Mayhew died during a bum enhancement operation in the Newyork.  The unlicensed plastic surgeon disappeared leaving her the mother puzzled.

The wearable artificial bums and hips remain the only health option. These bums are worn knickers but they can also disappoint. They can decide to loosen and drop below the thighs while in the public. Wearable bottoms may be a safer option but unromantic. You can not keep them on all the time. The love for big botties has also given rise to a female workout generation .Squat exercises have been found to help enlarge hips and bums.

Scientists discovered that Women with big botties may give birth to intelligent children. Researchers at Pittsburgh University, Pennsylvania discovered that the development of babies’ brains depends on fat supplies that are located in their moms’ bottoms.  It is also possible for a woman with botty to give birth to children like her. You know the other phrase to mean botty is: “what your mama gave you.” It is the more reason a man would stick to a curvy woman in a relationship.

Curvy bodies are actually overrated and sometimes the package is not authentic. If you think about it: they still have the standard female body organs like those who are skinny. You can never fake a big botty. A former Uganda TV presenter was in the news over her leaked nude pictures. The debate on the crisis was mostly focused on whether she had been wearing artificial hips or not.

The thing with a big botty is that it gets anyone’s attention. The shaking as someone moves can raise temperatures. We are surely living in as sexualised world and it seems people prefer plenty of where to touch. Fun comes from plenty because some men think figure one is an off. When nude pictures of a local curvy musician where leaked last year, social media was full approvals of what has soon become known as ‘kitone’.

Other celebrity nude pictures believed not to be curvy have received negative reviews on social media. Some celebrity TV show hosts have asked them to withdraw their pictures for disappointing their fans. Big botties are here to stay.


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