Bebe Cool Survives Lynching At Cranes Match


Bebe Cool has survived lynching at the Uganda Cranes match against Burkina Faso held Tuesday evening at Namboole.

Having lost in Burkina Faso a few days back, many a Ugandan fan went to Namboole wishing for a win so as to keep the Cranes hopes of qualifying for AFCON alive.

Unfortunately the result didn’t go in their favour as the team managed to secure only a draw, leaving Burkina Faso to consolidate its position at the top of the group.

This left many fans in disappointment.

However, their anger almost became uncontrollable when they saw Bebe Cool, who is the official Cranes ambassador exit the parking of the stadium.

Unlike most of his colleagues, who left their windscreens tightly closed, Bebe Cool left his drawn half way.

Upon seeing him, they began hurling insults at him as he hit back with big words famously used at initiation rites of twins.

Unable to match his verbal artillery, they attempted to confront his car but amongst them who was that courageous? Almost none! Bebe Cool was guarded by two police patrol pick-ups having ten armed police officers all together.

Does this surprise you why he left his windscreens open? Anyway, he went through the angry fans untouched.


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